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  1. Rare 1992 ESP M-I in Candy Red with a factory black Sinclair Tremolo and premium Dimarzio Transition and Injector pickups. Has a rosewood fretboard and the neck is fantastic! Jumbo frets have zero wear and are polished. Body and paint are in very good shape with some dings here and there but nothing bad. It’s in fantastic condition for being a 30 year old guitar. Case kept and never gigged. This guitar plays like a dream and sounds awesome! Fantastic neck on it! They don't make them like this any more at all! Highest Japanese Quality at its best! Ships in a brand new rigid Roadrunner poly foam
  2. This is a custom built, custom finished Lynch style Kamikaze guitar. It is in amazing condition and looks incredible. It has an alder Lynch H/S body with the single volume push/push pickup selector. It’s been completely custom finished in the Japanese A6M3 Zero fighter Ace Hiroyoshi Nishizawa graphic. A true Kamikaze graphic the way it should have been done. The neck is a new ESP style neck with no wear on the frets and its oiled to perfection. It has a beautiful dark ebony board, and through neck locking nut. Huge frets. The tuners are locking Gotoh SG and they still have the plastic on them
  3. This is a custom cnc built and hand carved Lynch Skull & Bones guitar. It is is fantastic condition and looks incredible. Tons of detail in the carve. Here are the specs:Alder body carved by CNC and by hand. Many, many hours worth of carving. Floyd Rose special tremolo with huge brass block. The neck is a Musikraft Lynch Grail style banana with rosewood board and jumbo frets. The board looks darker than the flash photo. Very thin neck profile and oiled to perfection. No wear whatsoever. The tuners are Gotoh Sg 90 degree tuners and the pickup is a Seymour Duncan JB. The guitar plays and sou
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