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  1. @daddymack It's Matrix MA 100SC and it's hard to find any info on it. It's cheap and sound is not too promising, but I actually have it so I'm thinking about give it a go. Mine needs all the pots replaced, they're clearly described on the board so I'll change it no problem. I can see two problems: First one is that right speaker is giving, along it's nominal loud sound, the very quiet distortion, so there's never a clean guitar sound. I think it's just a mechanical fault of the speaker, so that's why I asked RedJX if replacement solved the issue. Hard to deicide on choice of a speakers, I would love to give it a try with Celestion TR0818, but they're worth more than the whole amp itself, so maybe some other time, unless there are some 8" 100W guitar speakers that one could recommend instead of those neat looking Celestions. Anyway, second thing is, I guess, something may be wrong with a audio amplifier/s. At low volume at Channel A (which is very distorted at high gain), there is this broken amp, distorted, artefacted sound. Also the amp sometimes just stops working when the volume is turned very high, and works back after a while of turnings off/on. Does it sound like a possible cause could come from a Trafo? Also; how to determine what's the transformer installed? It vaguely says "?S - 27613". Could it be a problem with it? I also plan to replace the audio amplifiers (TDA2030), sensible? So that's all, I attach the photos of the amp. Thanks in advance for your time!
  2. Hey RedJama, I think I have exactly the same issue: it's unwanted, very quiet distortion in a right speaker as you've mentioned. Have the speaker replacement solved the issue? Thanks in advance! Rado
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