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  1. Thanks @kickingtone! I know what you mean about tuning to my sweet spot and ignoring the higher bits... I'll see what I can do about it in terms of training the latter. I think it's going to be a disaster at first lol.
  2. Hey guys. I sang "Lover Don't Leave" by Citizen Shade in the link below: https://voca.ro/2VYjp7NqPu9 I think it's a really good song, but relatively obscure, so please give the original a listen regardless of whether you listen to me singing! I tried to focus more on correct vocal placement and vowel sounds this time around. But I definitely did not do perfectly throughout the whole song. Any comments or criticism is welcomed. Thanks
  3. This sounded really cool. I like the chill vibes with just the bass in the background playing accompanying the vocals. Just to see if I can get into your head a little about your approach to singing: 1. How often do you go over a song before singing it full out in a performance like this? 2. How do you decide on a certain vowel sound? I know sometimes this is just clear because any other choice would be weird, but in this song there are some places where I think maybe you might have made a conscious choice? For example "But you don't really care for music do YOU?" I'm sure you'v
  4. Thanks for the replies davie and FelipeCarvalho. davie: I would agree that getting a vocal teacher is important, but I would prefer to do that in person. I had plans for signing up for either group vocal classes or 1-1 lessons at the local music school, but the coronavirus outbreak happened and I had to put this on hold. I've been excited to get started though, so I went ahead and looked up some Youtube/online things that I can do. Already I can say that I feel better(?) about my voice. That said, I do feel a bit silly sometimes just singing and not having any idea if I'm doing it right
  5. Hey everyone. I recently started singing and doing some warm-ups and exercises that I've found on things like Youtube videos and various websites. I haven't really progressed much in terms of the variety of exercises I am doing (just lip trills and singing different scales). Part of this is because I am afraid of damaging my voice since I do not have anyone to provide feedback as I'm trying to improve. I've been really into Lewis Capaldi recently and here are some links of me singing segments of three of his songs: https://voca.ro/3DmRJFdl0hE (Someone You Loved, original key, I think
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