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  1. If your counting 12/8 or 12/4 never use the triplet format for that counting- its straight 1/4 note count meaning if your doing 1/16 note triplet within the 1/4 note count- it can still be counted. If you try to sub divide it into smaller counting groups you'll have several beats during the bar with the same count structure. If your playing straight 1/8 note on all &'s through 7 beats it's easier to count the 12beats as you woulds a 4/4 bar - you don't count 4/4-1,123, do you? a lot of fills when playing 12/8 are counted as 12 beats using 1/16 note fills ( all straight) guitar players like the tension it creates- you just play the same fill with them. so the count is 1&2&3&4&5&6&7&8&9&10&11&12&.
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