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  1. All such great advice!! Thank you I can't wait to try some of these tips.
  2. What common beginner mistakes should I avoid? Or TRY to avoid? 😄
  3. I would say no because music is so powerful and if you really have good music, the lyrics don't matter as much BUT I think that if you have lyrics that make send and good music, you have an AMAZING piece then! Now you have something that people while sing along to in their everyday life.
  4. I like it!! I must admit - I was intrigued by what an "outro" was, but your song sounds good!
  5. Thank you all! Such great advice and I really appreciate it I am thinking now of just starting out with the classical guitar with nylon strings. Something to just learn on and kind of develop what types of music that I am interested in and potentially moving then to the acoustic or even electric guitar at some point. As for the budget question, I don't really have one. I love music so I don't want something too cheap right away but not something too high-end either if that's possible!
  6. Hey, I'm a newbie here and just started looking into playing guitar. What would be the best guitar to get for someone just starting out?
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