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  1. Long delay, I know. That is definitely the shape and color, the one I saw is the Retronix version. Still, very nice guitar. Plays well and looks 90% like that. I want to say it had double humbuckers, however I wouldn’t guarantee it. Also I don’t recall the three horizontal stripes on the pickguard
  2. That’s the one but solid purple. They didn’t know the name of it and “Putple Prince” is just what the therapist referred to it as. Anyways, it’s in the SHARE program department of the Shepherd Center that is all military related head, spine, brain injury treatment for vets. (I was inpatient for almost 5 months and I in the music program as Rec therapy since I play guitar.) I always grabbed that one over the Strat and les Paul traditional that they also have.
  3. I had my first opportunity to play a J Blacklund at the Shepherd Center hospital last summer. They were calling it the “purple Prince” guitar. I have no Idea how they ended up with it (in a hospital music room). I remember thinking it played so well that I looked up the company and was shocked. I’ve thought about dragging a Fender over there and seeing if they want to trade. Also, I’ve been drawing out sketches for new guitar shapes
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