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  1. I just remembered my father's favorite saying, "EVERYTHING IS SIMPLE TO AN IDIOT".
  2. Alright, the neck is off the Medeira. It was split through the entire length of the truss rod trough. I believe that they (the Japanese who made this guitar) went too deep and didn't leave enough wood under the rod. Whatever. It is now in pieces...mostly chips, because I wanted it off without damage to the very nice intact body. I went ahead and trashed the neck, because I remember having a Harmony Sovereign from the sixties with a good neck,but cracked-up top. Yes, yet another Frankenstein guitar. It should be possible. Both are 25 and 1/2'' scale. There are only two obstacles: remove the neck from the Harmony (a steam job), and cut a dove-tail slot, to size, on the Guild Medeira. I don't think that this project warrants a pre-shaped neck for $150. or more.
  3. I have a Medeira (Japanese made Guild) and I am not having any success in getting the neck off to try a "reset". The fret board is off. the Old rusty truss rod is out. I took the nut off the bolt protruding through the end-block. No dovetail. Will I need to use steam, because maybe there is glue in the bolt hole? The label inside has been destroyed, but It clearly was an Oval shape. The headstock is "square", sort of like a Martin, so I think that it is an A-30, first generation. Any help/suggestions will be appreciated.
  4. OK,OK. I've got it. He's dead. I still need advice from someone familiar with the Guild Medeira. Why can't I get the neck off?
  5. Hello Terry Allen Hall, Did the square top A-30s have a bolt on neck? No paper label in the one just given to me, but a threaded rod with a 10mm hex nut coming through the end block. I would like to re-set the neck, but it dosen't want to come loose. Can it also be glued? The finger board is off, so I can see there isn't a dove tail joint. Any suggestions?
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