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  1. Its back to normal and I didn't even do anything. Thanks for the help i guess.
  2. I didn't add anything new to the board itself. I had it taken apart for a church gig (my board has no case or velcro) and I had put it back together when I ran into this problem. I haven't had any other pedals turned on when this happens but the ds-1 started working normally again and so far the sm7 has been working normally. [Edits]: It just did it again. ;-; | Engaging the other distortion pedals seems to make it stop happening or at least make the spikes as loud as everything else.
  3. I don't know whether it is a power spike or not. All I know is that it just jumps in volume a lot for a second or two, then it goes back to normal.
  4. Whenever I engage my Boss DS-1 (Modded) or my Ibanez SM7 (Not modded) my volume will jump randomly. Fender Strat> Dunlop cry baby> Behringer TU300> Ibanez SM7> Boss DS-1> Digitech Tone-driver> Tomsline Dumbler> Boss BF-2> TC electronic skysurfer> Fender Super Champ X2 Head> GearOne PA2400> two yamaha 15" speakers. None of my other pedals are doing this and I can see the peak LED on my mixer amp light up at random in coordination with a volume jump whenever I turn on either of the two pedals. I'm running the board off of a onespot with a daisy chain adapter. Ple
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