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  1. 2003 Tokai Love Rock DC Gib Jr - back available - Make me an offer
  2. 1977 Fender Champ - $OLD 2001 Bennett Victor V601 - $649
  3. 1977 Fender Champ - $550 2001 Bennett Victor V601 - $649 Here is a email I received from From Bruce Bennett, the make of the amp: “Wide Panel" front. This is my very first one. built in 1991 and is a perfect copy of a 1954 Fender Champion 600. That one DID come with the 6" weber speaker as a stock item, because that one was built before Jensen came back into the Music instrument speaker business in 1998. which is when I started thinking that i could develop this amp around their new speakers. See, I owned and played that one for 10 years after I built it in 1991, then I sold it on ebay and thats when I added the 2001 label to it. and of course I went on to make short runs of them.
  4. 2002 Fender Custom Shop NoCaster Relic - $OLD 2003 Tokai Love Rock DC Gib Jr - $̶1̶5̶9̶9̶ $1399
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