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  1. For anybody who's spending their quarantine time thinking about picking up or learning guitar for the first time, or even anyone who just wants to learn an all-time classic riff - this is one of the easiest yet best sounding riffs ever! Just don't play it in a guitar store
  2. Yeah the one i'm looking at instore has a 12" Cannabis Rex speaker and it seems to negate flub a lot better. Had another test drive of it there and they let me dime it. It's certainly loud enough for practice/gigging, though clean headroom might be an issue. For live though I can probably temper that with the guitar volume pot. At this point I feel like I'm definitely gonna buy it as I'd have tons of use for it either way. Maybe after living with it for a bit I can make a decision on the Bad Cat/different speaker. Some great advice and a lot to think about from this thread! And thanks to others for the other amp recommendations, I did research all of them thoroughly. Thing is, I do a lot of recording at home, so a Bad Cat would have a lot of other uses for me besides just boosting the PRRI volume in a live setting, so I guess I'll just pick one of those up down the line when cashflow allows for it! Or if another alternative comes out in the meantime...
  3. I feel like a blues deluxe would break up a bit too early for me, I'd need more clean headroom,though using it with a Bad Cat would fix that of course. Though perhaps a Hot Rod would be a better choice if I was gonna go that way and then I wouldnt need the power boost. I've had some recommendations for Lil Dawg Wonderdawg; essentially a 25watt Princeton. Would be taking me into a different price bracket though...
  4. Haha I appreciate the opinion though! Thing is, I havent actually bought the Princeton yet, so I could technically just put the extra cash to a Deluxe Reverb, or even spend nothing extra and get one of the Tonemaster series. I'm just exploring Princeton options first though as it has the tone I like best
  5. Cool video! Yeah the Fryette would actually be ideal in terms of its functionality, though fairly pricey and weighty. Definitely something to consider though.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely keep that in mind.
  7. Yeah I had searched online but only found two; one on eBay that cost over $1,000, and one on reverb that cost $450, which still seems a little on the pricey end.
  8. A simple slap and pop jumping off lick that is an excellent way to start off your riffs and phrases! Used by all the greats (including Flea, who is mentioned and demonstrated in the video) and an important step in fast tracking yourself to playing slap guitar. Does anybody else play slap? Hope you enjoy it and all feedback welcome!
  9. Yeah it definitely seems like a great product. Having something that's an attenuator AND can boost the volume of an amp seems amazing. Means you could get a lot more clean headroom from a lower-powered amp. Just find the sweet spot you like, then use the Bad Cat to increase the volume. The Princeton I'm looking at has a Cannabis Rex speaker which can handle 50 watts. From a bit of searching around I've seen a couple of other people have mentioned that they use a Bad Cat with one, but they just have to be careful. Sounds a little risky and perhaps a speaker replacement to 100 watts would just be the sensible move altogether. Bad Cat's aren't easy to track down though I've noticed. I'm also looking at the Tonemaster series and perhaps one of those on its own would just be the safest option...
  10. I love the Princeton tone, but I'm not sure it will be quite loud enough for some of my gigging needs (it's not always possible to mic up at some of the shows around here). I've read that with the Bad Cat I could boost the 15 watts of the Princeton up to 50 watts and get the extra volume I'm looking for. Has anybody tried that? Is there a noticeable difference?
  11. Awesome sounding guitar trick, just listen to the first 10 seconds of the video to hear it. Lesson includes how to play the riff, the theory behind how that delay effect works, how to set your delay to any bpm using a simple equation to work out the milliseconds, and some further applications of the technique. It's a fun tutorial, hope you enjoy it!
  12. No arguments from me about how talented Prince was; he's my favourite artist bar none. He's possibly my favourite guitarist ever too. Prob not as innovative as Jimi, like you say, but his talent on the instrument was immense. Covered a huge range of styles excellently and was arguably the best funk player ever. Just listen to Controversy and try to recreate that riff with even an ounce of the feel and rhythm he manages to get out of it. It's just 2 notes and his right hand! Yet it's constantly changing and there's so much movement. I saw him live once, and despite his incredible band in full flow and tens of thousands of fans present, his rhythm playing on that track absolutely dominated and powered the entire stadium, I've never heard anything like it before or since. Not one person able to stay still during that one.
  13. I'm surprised you don't think he's an exceptional songwriter; for me that's his biggest strength! He was someone who checked just about every box there was - musicianship, songwriting, performance, even look. The only person I can think of with comparable talent is Prince. I concede he's not a super strong vocalist, but the delivery and charisma of his vocals, as well his warm tone, makes me like his voice way better than most accomplished singers. The singer-songwriter thing was just a stab in the dark as to what a guitarist his age today might be doing. I agree that it would still have included excellent guitar playing. Blackmore and Knopfler both went acoustic in old age lol.
  14. He seemed to be getting into funk right before he died so maybe he'd have went further down that direction. Could almost see him being an acoustic kind of singer/songwriter by this point if he was still around! He was super experimental though, like Bowie in that regard, so I'm sure his career would have taken many interesting twists and turns through multiple genres!
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