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  1. Learn a wee funk riff! Super fast video on some of the basic skills (and a couple of pro tips) on the fundamentals of funk guitar fingerpicked doublestops and incorporating muted strings into a groove. This tutorial will have you funking right away! Inspired by Cory Wong of Vulfpeck, though whereas he plays this way with a pick and funk strumming, my method uses fingerpicking, muted strings, and even a little bit of slap guitar! This is a fun one, enjoy!
  2. One of the most memorable and recognizable riffs in rock history from one of the most legendary bands in rock history! You know this one within the first few notes and it always turns heads and brings smiles to the room.
  3. Quick beginners' tutorial on 5 easy to follow steps that will have you playing guitar and singing simultaneously on your first day! Just follow this easy guide to begin your journey and by the end of the lesson you'll be able to strum along to your favourite songs and sing simultaneously to a basic level.
  4. Great idea man! I definitely know the feeling of seeing something cool on guitar and wondering how they came up with it, so I'll take that advice on board. As for the theory, I was looking at it more as an F#m6 with the minor 3rd and 6 making up the chord on the high strings, tonic in the base, but your way works too. Not sure what way Cory intended it I guess!
  5. Funk guitar in the style of Cory Wong from Vulfpeck Give this fun exercise a go! Includes right hand damping, string muting, and of course, Cory's bionic right hand. I couldn't find a striped t-shirt to pay proper tribute to him. Do you think my polka dots are funky enough?
  6. For anybody who's spending their quarantine time thinking about picking up or learning guitar for the first time, or even anyone who just wants to learn an all-time classic riff - this is one of the easiest yet best sounding riffs ever! Just don't play it in a guitar store
  7. Yeah the one i'm looking at instore has a 12" Cannabis Rex speaker and it seems to negate flub a lot better. Had another test drive of it there and they let me dime it. It's certainly loud enough for practice/gigging, though clean headroom might be an issue. For live though I can probably temper that with the guitar volume pot. At this point I feel like I'm definitely gonna buy it as I'd have tons of use for it either way. Maybe after living with it for a bit I can make a decision on the Bad Cat/different speaker. Some great advice and a lot to think about from this thread! And tha
  8. I feel like a blues deluxe would break up a bit too early for me, I'd need more clean headroom,though using it with a Bad Cat would fix that of course. Though perhaps a Hot Rod would be a better choice if I was gonna go that way and then I wouldnt need the power boost. I've had some recommendations for Lil Dawg Wonderdawg; essentially a 25watt Princeton. Would be taking me into a different price bracket though...
  9. Haha I appreciate the opinion though! Thing is, I havent actually bought the Princeton yet, so I could technically just put the extra cash to a Deluxe Reverb, or even spend nothing extra and get one of the Tonemaster series. I'm just exploring Princeton options first though as it has the tone I like best
  10. Cool video! Yeah the Fryette would actually be ideal in terms of its functionality, though fairly pricey and weighty. Definitely something to consider though.
  11. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely keep that in mind.
  12. Yeah I had searched online but only found two; one on eBay that cost over $1,000, and one on reverb that cost $450, which still seems a little on the pricey end.
  13. A simple slap and pop jumping off lick that is an excellent way to start off your riffs and phrases! Used by all the greats (including Flea, who is mentioned and demonstrated in the video) and an important step in fast tracking yourself to playing slap guitar. Does anybody else play slap? Hope you enjoy it and all feedback welcome!
  14. Yeah it definitely seems like a great product. Having something that's an attenuator AND can boost the volume of an amp seems amazing. Means you could get a lot more clean headroom from a lower-powered amp. Just find the sweet spot you like, then use the Bad Cat to increase the volume. The Princeton I'm looking at has a Cannabis Rex speaker which can handle 50 watts. From a bit of searching around I've seen a couple of other people have mentioned that they use a Bad Cat with one, but they just have to be careful. Sounds a little risky and perhaps a speaker replacement to 100 watts would
  15. I love the Princeton tone, but I'm not sure it will be quite loud enough for some of my gigging needs (it's not always possible to mic up at some of the shows around here). I've read that with the Bad Cat I could boost the 15 watts of the Princeton up to 50 watts and get the extra volume I'm looking for. Has anybody tried that? Is there a noticeable difference?
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