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  1. If it was one guitar, then two separate amps might be something to try. However, two guitars into two amps doesn’t seem practical or ideal. What kind of guitars and pedals are being used with each amp?
  2. Thank you Voltan, I appreciate it
  3. I know what you mean. It’s particularly tricky with a one man band set-up that includes drums. I also play acoustic and prefer to play it through a microphone. With a vocal and guitar mic, the drums will bleed over through the vocal and guitar mics. I even tried using an SM57 for vocals but with the close proximity to the vocal and guitar mic, the snare would be way too loud and the tone was terrible. I had dampened the snare to compensate but when I recently added the hi-hat, then the high hat was louder than the snare so I un-dampened it and switched over to condenser mics. My thinking was that I could adjust the sound at the sources and try to get a mix that way. When I use the condenser mics, I have to turn on the phantom power on the mixer and if I want to add a regular mic for vocals then I would have to plug it in through one of the non balanced (non XLR) inputs. I find that if I just mess around with these things , then over time it will come to me. Since that video, I have dampened the high-hat and also tuned the snare. I am trying to practice the right amount of attack with the drum pedals.
  4. There are a limited number of venues that book blues bands. Some of the old blues guys will talk about his disco made it hard go get gigs. The way you feel about open mics is how I felt about Karaoke.
  5. I have a different view. Particularly as it relates to blues jams. The house band gets paid but not usually that much. Everyone else is there to have fun, network, and gain experience. I know of several successful blues artists who got their start at blues jams. Also, for some bands the house band gig, even though it may not be a high paying gig, is the most regular work they have. It gives them a chance to work on songs and it can sometimes lead to other gigs. If there is an up and coming musician, they can hire the house band to back them up if they go out and find a gig. As far as a pure open mic, I haven’t been around those as much. Hosting something like that may be somewhat of a crap shoot.
  6. I agree. There is lots to figure out on the sound. On this video, I just used two relatively low cost condenser mics and then the mixer is straight into my iPhone. I need a proper interface. Also a dedicated harmonica mic. As tricky as it is to mic drums, it is a real challenge if there are other microphones close by. I do need to figure out a good way to dampen the snare and high hat without losing the tone. I do have a couple of SM57s, a bass drum mic, and a vocal mic. It is a puzzle but I will enjoy working on it. Thanks again for your feedback
  7. Hi, Here is a video of my band: https://youtu.be/QOeVnA-ncr4
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