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  1. It's been a few years since I've felt the need to mix up my board, and I have dozens of pedals and the like sitting in a corner collecting dust. I don't really want to ebay them off, but if anythign is of interest to you feel free to drop me a PM with a trade or money offer. I can snap pictures if there's somthing in particular you are interested in... everything is in NM shape unless otherwise indicated. Zvex Inventobox (I never got around to playing with it) Zvex Ring Tone Zvex Ooh Wah 2 Zvex Wah Probe Zvex Tremolo Probe EHX HOG1 w/ Controller Maxon ST-9 Pro+ Maxon SD-9 Pro+ Lovepedal Gen5 Delay MXR Carbon Copy (original batch) Cusack Tap-a-Delay Cusack Tap-a-Phase A Bunch of the First and Second Series Danelctro Cool Cats EHX Ravish Sitar Guyatone MO5 Micro Octave Guyatone Mighty Micro Chorus Redwitch Titan Delay Moog Little Phatty Stage II (the keyboard synth, obviously) I also have a set of Paiste Dark Energy cymbals if someone is interested. Like a lot of people, my original user name (CMLOEFFLER) wasn't accessible to me. However, Phil O'Keefe, Jon Chappell, and Craig Anderton know me well and can vouch. Thanks!
  2. Originally posted by mst3k Yeah His need for us to "bow down" and "lap his balls" sounds like he may have lied about his sexuality a tad, or is that a Todd? Maybe you should check the site... evidence is in... 129% hetero. Maybe I should put a quarter in your ass cause you just got played.
  3. Thanks to the few of you who pointed me towards some of the gear. That {censored} looks fit to make for sick sounds. To the assholes who can do nothing but hate: I'm sorry i'm not some {censored} who sits on forums all day long talking about gay {censored}. My mommy and daddy don't pay my way through life, I don't listen to goth or whatever the {censored} BS noise it is you call music, and I'm not an uppermiddle calss cock sucker. I've got edge, and I'm not going to apologize from it. Born and raised on the street, made my own way. I've got mad bitches and fans all over the west coast. Trust me when I say that when you hear the {censored} I've been working on ya'll will be lining up to lap at my balls. So you guys stay here in your pampered whiteboy club jerking eachother off... I'm off to make bills and lay hoes. Consider this account cancelled.
  4. Yup... when I started recording for my demo we tried everything... mattresses, bass catches, all that {censored}. At the end of the day the beats were still leaking through and we finally gave in and admitted that unless the room was properly reinforced to begin with, wasn't no way that bitch was going to quiet down. When I go to cut my next tracks I'm using a home studio with double doors, double window and all that {censored}. I can crank the bass and not piss off the peeps outside.
  5. Originally posted by GorillaLover I imagine you don't feel you ever have to know that much, chump. You should try coming back here in a few years. Least you've got your face all ready for when you bow down in front of me son.
  6. Originally posted by The Nick M/ SCOOP THE MIDS AND BOOST THE SUCK! M/ Loyal Bucketbot LSD? sry im new to the forums. Your sig says all I need to know about you, bitch. Try stepping when you're a real man.
  7. Wait... it's a dude with a bitches name? I'm so {censored}ing done with this forum.
  8. So I checked out Moog and that {censored}s pretty sick. Thanks to the dudes who turned me on to it. I may go order some of that. As to the douchebags who continue to hate... ya'll can keep living on your mommy and daddys dime and having your way paid for. I'm from the ghetto and have had to make my own way, my own music, and my own rules. I don't have time to step up to every smart ass little punk who has somethin clever to say. I the real deal and you can just buy my {censored}ing album when it comes out to get help (cause your going to need it) getting laid. All those photos on my site... that's my life, suckers.
  9. Originally posted by elctmist Some good effects suggestions in amongst the comedians. You might also want to check out the Moog Murf and Ring Modulator. All the Moogs can be linked like an old modular synth, nice for studio stuff. Thanks bro. I'll check that {censored} out tonight. At least I know there are a few people on this site who aren't total fags.
  10. Originally posted by delorean you're being generous. This from the cat who is named after a gay 80s car and has a picture of some {censored} stereo setup? Next.
  11. What the hell is wrong with you guys and all the snake {censored}? I've only been participating for a few hours and feel like half the people here are retards.
  12. Originally posted by fatfat +1 How witty is quoting yourself? {censored}ing children on here.
  13. Originally posted by delorean yup, just a couple. do your best to avoid them and you'll be fine.
  14. Their are just a couple of assholes on this site. Ignore them.
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