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  1. Craig-

    Just downloaded CbBL a few weeks ago and have been studying tutorials,checking things out in the Ref Guide/Documentation etc ...been seeing all the articles you've written in SOS,found out about your book,etcetc.

    Thanks for making all this info available...

    Actually just watched some of your YouTube Sweetwater interview this AM,was studying the part where you discussed the PC EQ.  

    I also read about the FX Chain presets you created and,after spending some time trying to find them today,contacted Support and found out that they're NA and were only available pre-current company incarnation as part of a free promo w/the Sonar Professional/Platinum versions..

    I really had been looking forward to seeing what the KickMaster did after reading about it ..to be honest,after working w/various approaches trying to approximate kick sounds used in reference tracks ,it seemed like just what I was looking for...

    Although I realize the DAW has a ton of features that I'm just getting into using which can be applied to the kick(PX64 etc),I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know the FX Chain elements you used and the parameters for each, as well as any other info I might need to be able to replicate it myself.. .or if you could send me a link to an online source for this if it exists...

    Again much thanks for all your contributions to the knowledge base for this excellent DAW...

     Gary Shore



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