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  1. @badpenguin, thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely keep it in mind! I’m not sure if it’s the best thing for this instance - I’m mostly looking for more clarity for chords, and “mud” might not be what I’m looking for. Already good to know more about electronics, though! @Freeman Keller, I actually made a typo, I actually meant to say an A6/PAF combo seems like a good fix
  2. You anticipated my next question… I’m more of a jazz-y player than straight ahead jazz, and I’d need a setup that’s compatible with a range of overdrives. A B6/PAF seems like it’d be a good fit
  3. Thanks for the advice, all! I’ll post updates on the pickup adjustment this weekend, when I have access to some better tools. @Freeman Keller, for the 335 build, do you know if you were using the B6, or the Benedetto PAF? I’m a diehard Strat fan, and I convinced myself that I just don’t like humbuckers. The Sheraton is my first semi-hollow though, and the more time I spend with it, the more appreciate how the buckers work in this context
  4. @DeepEnd @Freeman Keller Thanks for your advice guys, it’s much appreciated. I’ve been playing guitar for a while, but I’m still learning a lot of technical elements like this
  5. @mrbrown49 I have not! It didn’t even occur to me to adjust the height, I’ll definitely give it a try
  6. @Freeman Keller goddam, that thing looks nice 👍🏻 I’ll definitely check out the Duncan’s. I’ve never found a humbucker I’ve bonded with, but most of my experience comes from higher-output models that came in foreign guitars
  7. Hey hey, happy to be here 🤙🏻 Ive looked at the phat cats, but they seem a bit hot - more suited for rawk than jazz cleans. Mill definitely check out the GFS. Some of these options are crazy expensive for single-coils.
  8. A question for those with pickup experience: I’m looking to clear up the clean tone on my Sheraton. I’m looking for something articulate and without the compressed top end that seems inescapable with humbuckers. Humbucker-sized P90’s seem like a good fit, but I’m not sure where to start. Any one have any advice on a good low-output HSP90? Thanks!
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