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  1. Greetings, guys. Long time reader and stalker, finally decided to join the party (maybe it's not the best time, since some random indian autobots decided to create hundreds of themes). Yet still. Is there anyone who can give me some advice on tenor ukulele? The last topic I found was created, well, a long time ago and I suppose there's not so much ukulele addicts. Still, I came here to learn - I was thinking about getting a tenor or a concert uke to my collection. So if you have tried both, I would like to hear you and any suggestions for something around 500$. Acoustic-electric is not required, but it'd be nice. I'm primarily a guitarist, but when it comes to uke it's... well, a bit tricky. There are too many brands to consider, and I'm not sure that I want to disappear down that rabbit hole. I'd also would like to know: can I plug an ukulele into my guitar amps? Thanks in advance. upd: thanks for recommendations, came to our local shop and bought acoustic-electric Lanikai (QMNACET, here are some specs). Love it! Great sound and great playability, and extra thanks daddymack for the info about the amp - rented an acoustic one, and it was a pure win. Guess it was kinda impulsive to suggest connecting uke to an electric guitar amp, though lesson learned.
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