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  1. I've got an answer from ESI. So I'll post it here for future reference. Only the first 4 inputs can act like mono channels and be heard through both monitors, there are 2 MONO buttons on the front for this purpose. MONO 1 affects inputs 1 and 2 and MONO 2 affects inputs 3 and 4. If you plug a mono source to any of the other inputs, you hear only one channel. But that can be managed with DAW routing I guess. As for the other question, to hear anything (DAW and harware inputs) through the monitors, you need to turn on Output 1-8 Volume knob on the front panel.
  2. Hello, I wonder if you may help me. I just started to use this unit but I find the lack of instructions on the manual really annoying. I use mostly analog monosynths so i have a lot of mono inputs. But i hear only one channel on the monitors, and I'd like the mono signal to be routed to both monitors. I still can't fiure out how to do it. Maybe through the DirectWire thing on the Contol Panel?But there's no instruction on this thing anywhere in the manual or online. Moreover, I can hear the sound of anything that's plugged into the inputs of the unit only through the MIX out outputs BUT the sound coming out of my DAW, ONLY through output 1&2. My configuration is Windows 10 x64 and I use Ableton Live and Reaper. Thank you! I've already asked that to the support at ESI, I'm waiting for an anser. Best, Davide
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