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  1. I've got an answer from ESI. So I'll post it here for future reference. Only the first 4 inputs can act like mono channels and be heard through both monitors, there are 2 MONO buttons on the front for this purpose. MONO 1 affects inputs 1 and 2 and MONO 2 affects inputs 3 and 4. If you plug a mono source to any of the other inputs, you hear only one channel. But that can be managed with DAW routing I guess. As for the other question, to hear anything (DAW and harware inputs) through the monitors, you need to turn on Output 1-8 Volume knob on the front panel.
  2. Hello, I wonder if you may help me. I just started to use this unit but I find the lack of instructions on the manual really annoying. I use mostly analog monosynths so i have a lot of mono inputs. But i hear only one channel on the monitors, and I'd like the mono signal to be routed to both monitors. I still can't fiure out how to do it. Maybe through the DirectWire thing on the Contol Panel?But there's no instruction on this thing anywhere in the manual or online. Moreover, I can hear the sound of anything that's plugged into the inputs of the unit only through the MIX out outputs BUT t
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