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  1. I've been playing with the same band for about 3 years now as the drummer, it's been fun but it feels so pointless sometimes. I like to think we're at least half decent, we play our own original stuff and try to make it was original as possible, taking influences from a whole slew of different acts, and possessing a fair level of skill.tweakbox appvalley https://vlc.onl/ 222 Thing is, it seems impossible to get anyone to care about it or anything. Even other musicians don't care. We got invited by a band (friend of ours) to play in New York with another act from our area, which we watched (among 5 other people) and they didn't even have the courtesy to stay after their set. They drove 5 hours to get to the show. This has happened so many times. It seems there's just no respect in the scene or in playing music anymore. No one cares, sure you can play for yourself but sharing is part of the fun. Of course I love playing, and I am not in it for fame or money or anything. I just wish I had something keeping me going.
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