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  1. We all love music so much. In the modern generation has an intensity to learning about music and instrument. I love to play guitar and play well too. I perform so many local concerts. The sound of this instrument gives us calm, but guys now I face a problem in my ear and go to the doctor. It's called tinnitus, which is not curable. I don't wear for a while any safety equipment like earplugs and muffs, and it's a significant fault of my I think. The loud noise not only the music also the other is harmful to our ear, and we may lose our hearing. The doctor suggests me to wear a noise-canceling earplug which protects my hearing from all kind of loud noise. Please visit here https://www.bigearinc.com to see some beautiful earplugs and learn about something more about tinnitus and loud noise.
  2. I love music so much and I have a lot of collection of recorded music, which I bought from 2005.
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