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  1. You've got a clean falsetto! I like it Anyone can sing. Talent determines where you start, persistence determines where you'll finish.
  2. Hey everyone! If you're starting of with singing and you are struggling with your voice. I know exactly how you feel. The singing journey can often feel quite confusing and at worst lonely. This was me when I first started singing too. And here's a tip, the last thing you want to do is take ZERO action. I'm offering free Skype lessons to anyone who messages me via email or directly on Skype. Make a change in your voice and reach out to kick-start your voice: Skype: IVANLU887 Email: singingsimplywithme@gmail.com Ivan
  3. Hey there! Your pitch isn't too bad, but you really need to start building strength in your voice. It's very light and weak at the moment. The main difference between a lot of professional and unprofessional singers beyond the basics is how resilient their cords are. We need to teach your body the right support and for your vocal cords to resist a higher amount of air pressure so you can create BETTER sounds.
  4. Well first of all you've mentioned that you're not a trained or technical singer. If you're doing this for a living, to prevent this from happening in the future I'd really recommend to find someone who can show you how to use your voice in a healthy manner.
  5. Hang on! We can't access it. Can you make sure the link is working?
  6. Hey there! I just had a listen to your cover and the original. A key thing I'd really focus on learning is to connect your words a bit more. It does sound a bit more choppy because you're really emphasising the first consonant of each word. Also, I'd highly recommend learning to produce a fuller tone if this is what you're after. Notice how rich and full the original singer singing?
  7. Hey everyone! Just joined this forum and wanted to make sure I'm adding value to the community as much as possible. I'm a regular user of /singing on reddit and help coach singers there for free. Quick question: Who uses /singing as well, and for someone who's new what would be the main difference for you between this forum and /singing? Purely for curiosity!
  8. Great job! Quick suggestion from me, if you're recording yourself singing it would be amazing if you could do this with an instrumental. This helps a lot!
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