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  1. thank you so much, guys! And sorry it took me forever to respond, I was a little demotivated for a while and didn't sing much, but I'm trying to get back on track It's very motivating to hear that you guys think my voice isn't too bad. I'm working on my breath support and posture, I do sit down when I record these songs at home but have been thinking about finding a way to record while standing up. I use my laptop's mic and don't have any table that's high enough so it can record properly while I'm standing, I need to work something out And I also try to engage my body more, which I find especially hard. It feels kind of weird and silly (especially in front of people, like my voice teacher or at karaoke bars) to move while singing, even though I know it looks weirder if I just stand around lol I guess I just have to get over my embarrassment. Maybe I should think about getting a good mic, this might help me hear better when I'm not on key, maybe? I find my laptop's mic surprisingly good so I never gave it a thought, but maybe this could further motivate me, thank you for that input I'm listening to old recordings (I started at the end of 2013) and I do notice a lot of progress, which is a big motivator, too! I didn't use as much chest voice back then, I think, but I think I'm doing it because I think that's what supporting the voice is. It's not, huh? lol
  2. thank you so much you're giving me hope that i can improve. the last few days i felt a bit discouraged, two years of voice lessons and i'm still a beginner, but i do know i sing better now then i did then and i can improve. i just wonder how i'll ever be able to actually notice that my singing is good. my voice teacher obviously isn't 100% honest which i can understand but doesn't help me much, and i don't really hear it, so how does one know? lol i definitely learn by ear and just do instead of being too mechanical. which might have it's ups, but it also has it's downs. my teacher always tells me how singing some particular sound should feel inside my mouth or wherever, and i hardly feel it. i guess that's a big part of my problem, i try to feel what she says i should feel, but i don't (when i actually do it correctly), and i still feel like i haven't found "my" voice, i feel like i'm a bad copy of the singers i listen to but i'm sure i can improve that, too.
  3. i read some tips on the internet on how not to sound flat and the tips are pretty much what my voice teacher is working on with me, so you might be right. i'd prefer for her to just straight-out tell me, though, but that's not always easy. i'll have to tell her that i know lol maybe then she can be more honest with me. maybe a weird question, but: how far off am i usually? lol like half a note, a whole note or even more? another thing we work a lot on is breath support so my teacher might be doing exactly the right thing, that's good to know it's an interesting thought that my psyche is tricking me into believing i sound better than i do lol but then again, that probably explains all the people on casting shows sounding horrible while thinking they're the next big superstar. when i listen to songs i recorded two years ago (where i thought i sounded okay but not great) i cringe a lot lol two years from now i'll (hopefully) feel the same way
  4. thanks for the replies! 1. i record with my music box right in front of me (so the playback gets recorded, too), no headphones in. the microphone on my laptop records the sound. 2. i felt pretty relaxed singing the songs and feel like they're in my range, though they're not songs i listen to everyday. especially with preacher man, i hardly listened to the original before singing it. oddly enough, my voice teacher said the song suited me fine lol i usually prefer to sing more dramatic songs lol where i feel like i have more issues singing them correctly but it's more fun. ( 3. i don't hear when i'm off either way, while i sing and when i listen to the recording occasionally we do this but usually we work on different things. we worked on preacher man and dream a little dream and we didn't do this, as far as i remember (i'll have to listen to the recording of the session) maybe something to add: i often have issues with my voice, in that i used to be able to sing higher better, but strain a lot now. i've got issues with my stomach and dealing with anxiety a lot lately, which i think might also affect my voice. but i don't think that's the only issue here here's a song to show how i sing the more "dramatic" songs: how my voice sounds solely with piano playback: and here's a song i know very well (because CosmicDolphin suggested my not being familiar enough with the song might be a problem): there's a lot of problems with the last one lol but it's what's most fun to sing to me, even though my voice might not be suited for that range. and please excuse the sloppy whistle lol i'm not saying i'm singing the songs above better or that they suit me better, just to give you more of an idea how my voice sounds. i do hear that i don't think perfect on any of those songs, i just hardly hear any problems with my pitch thanks for the advice so far, i'll try to find some pitch training courses online, i feel like this is a big problem for me.
  5. Hey guys! I showed someone these three songs and they said that i'm singing off almost all the time lol i try to hear it but i just don't. whenever i asked for a review of my singing i got that answer and i just don't know how to do better. i have a vocal coach and she hardly ever says i'm off, so i'm wondering: doesn't she hear it, doesn't she want to tell me or am i singing better when i sing in front of her? maybe she's given up on it lol anyway, here are the songs: (the songs are son of a preacher man, dream a little dream and you know i'm no good) if possible, please tell me where i'm off and where i'm right and if you have any tips on how to do better. and how is it off? too high, too low? just a little or completely off? and how the hell can i learn to hear it? lol is there still hope for me or will i always sound bad? i hope someone can help thank you!
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