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  1. i mean, i want to study classical music armony like wolf hoffmann style. i don' t like play classical guitar, so thats the what am i looking for electric guitar. thank you for your help.
  2. thank you for your response. sorry for misunderstanding, i don' t know much about this jargon. actually if its possible i want to achive sounds like garry moore, zakk wilde and kirk hammet but in addition to that, i want to study classical music accords. do you think it is possible to achive both with a guitar at this price range (or how effective I'll get these sounds)
  3. hi folks, i'm a new member. i just looking entry lvl guitar with a little harsh tones. i' ll buy with line 6 spider v or pavey amp. my budget is $175. should i buy Ibanez Grx55B or yamaha pac012 or another suggestion?
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