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  1. Wow.. super old thread. A little color and history from my perspective as a KS audio owner. I’ve been a musician and audio geek for over 40yrs. Have a BA in audio engineering and minored in music performance. Toured as a musician full time across the US and Canada for 5 years. Ran sound in Vegas at The Harras for various groups. My road time and professional career has slowed down but I still actively play locally and provide sound reinforcement on occasion. You name the system I’ve used it from crappy Crate and Carvin to Danley, Meyer, turbosound and alike. In August 2018 I was looking for a small format high quality plug and play system for small venue shows. I researched KS and connected with a couple people on the YouTube videos to get their unfiltered feedback off camera. That prompted me to call Norbert and I purchased a Sat 3 system with the 2x10 passive tops and 1x18 sub that controls the system power / dispersion. I must say the system is pricey for what you get but the amount of quality sound that comes out of these boxes is highly impressive. I have used this system from acoustic solo, duo through 6 piece rock and it delivers with ease. Loud and clear as other reviews have mention is accurate with a flat box eq. I run a Midas board and use all Mogami gold cables to keep the integrity of the entire system on the upper end of quality components. I have run this outside and the coverage is really nice albeit lacking some spl at a distance that the 2nd sub would help with. Currently in process of upgrading to the Session 3 system which will be all I’ll even need based on what I know from owning the sat3. Feedback from musicians playing though my rig has been full of praise however the real clincher is the audience feedback. When reviews mention no distortion, awesome sound separation and lack or ear fatigue it’s legit. I can be standing right in front of the tops at peak volume capacity and it’s redicious how well the sound translates. I have a pair of the new QSC K10.2 that I use to run my Fractal guitar pedal direct as my stage amp when not using IEMs. I threw the QSCs on poles next to the KS 10s for full range audio AB test and While most would say QSC is clean there is no comparison as volume levels increase. I will I’ll post an update when my session 3 has arrived. also, I have a current price sheet. If any interest you can email me kickazzproaudio at gmail and I’ll send it to you. They do 30% off MAP + tax and shipping. Shipping is a bit heavy too as they ship freight. bottom line... No regrets and I would recommend to anyone looking for a whole cut above the prosumer gear you find at the big box stores. The piggy back on the one person who posted a thorough review you need to be prepared to continue with the KS proprietary design and integration with any future upgrade.
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