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  1. It really depends what you want to do. my main rig is a jcm800 2204 50 watt boosted up front. As mentioned before the jcm 800 2203kk is a real work horse that thing comes with 4 kt88 tubes. It sound huge! ​​​​​​As far as my experience with 5150s I can only speak on behalf of the 6505+ it's a very dark amp but it sits a bit too low in the mix for me. However the mids are very pronounced. Its a very tight amp. Tighter than the jcm800. what kind of artist from the 80s do you like to get a better idea. I'll try and record my jcm 800 and 6505+ so you can get an idea.
  2. I would get a Peavey xxx and possibly use a metal core pedal
  3. I would take the jetcity it's a good value for the money! I love Marshalls but jet city amps are pretty damn good.
  4. These jet city amps are awesome just got myself a 100ltd these things are awesome! And I'm coming from mesa rectifier jcm800s and 6505+. This thing can keep up with the big dogs.
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