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  1. Thank you for the tips. Originally in the product website was a wrong archive, where it was mixed the PDF for a Road Editor with the sound card driver. In fact this Road 88 Editor is the first available. I reported the problem and they promised the fix. Looks like they did it. I did a try and now with this Road Editor application indeed, I can send the velocity curve for the white keys and black keys and is easily observable the difference. I did a manual calibration and indeed it changes the velocity curve. The available settings are Linear (default), Exp 1 (exponential), and Exp 2 (exponential), Exp 3 (exponential), Log 1 (logarithmic), Log 2 (logarithmic), and Log 3 (logarithmic). While the editor is open I enabled MIDI-OX to monitor midi communication. There are two places where the application requests some configuration from the keyboard using SysEx messages. One is happening when I open the velocity curve dialog and the other one when I press Get Preset menu for the main settings. These two SysEx messages are not the same, but static and never changes its content. The main screen presets where we set the splits and buttons, that is in sync with the content read from the board by Get Preset, but the dropdown selectors indicating velocity curve types for white and black keys, always shows up with Linear velocity selection. We have to remember the last set or just send it again if we are not sure. All in all, the velocity curves can be set.
  2. Hi Phil. In the meantime I received the new keyboard. The touch is indeed on heavier side. Quickly visited a music store and I checked a few Yamaha and Kawai actions. In general those are more lighter actions. At the end I like the action which is in Road 88. I tried to change the velocity curves by sysex commands using MIDI-OX. I see the message was sent (not rejected) but I see no difference, just like it would not change anything. Did you tried this feature?
  3. That you for your opinion. The same I was thinking about, now at least I see others can reason the same way. My son already has an upright piano, but that is in other continent and does not make sense to transport. Later we will see how we optimize our decisions. The upright piano is also stiff, in addition I know that someone who learn to play in stiffer keybed, then eventually need to use a softer one is easier to get accustomed than vice-versa. In our case is not so important to check the feeling as much as we have not accustomed to piano keys yet. A stiffer keybed sound good for me as soon as the expressiveness still is ok. I have AKAI gears already and they meet my expectations. Thank you for all the feedback!
  4. I also believe that with 2 sensors it can be implemented this feature. Cool!
  5. That is a really good news! Here is the discussion I had with someone https://getsatisfaction.com/akai_professional/topics/spec-clarification-regarding-the-new-akai-mpk-road-88 But I will see soon once I get my ordered keyboard.
  6. The Sysex message based keybed characteristic control is not a negative aspect at all. I am completely happy with it as it is now.
  7. Another question. What is your impression, this keyboard could be satisfactory for dual purpose, such as for keyboardist and also for classical piano learner? With regard to piano action, I bet does not compete with Kawai MP11 or VPC1, but it could be a good compromise, without negative impact on the new piano student? In my situation I would use it mainly in home studio + gigging, but my son wants to learn classical piano. Since we have anyway very good piano sample libraries, which I prefer over the sound of some stage pianos, I think it could be a good compromise to not buy just another piano for a while and let see how the child is progressing. Otherwise, for master keyboard in my studio it has already a good position already.
  8. Another question. There is a terminology, such as 3 sensors, which meant to be able to repeat the note faster without releasing completely the key. What was your feeling, does it have this fast repeat feature?
  9. Thank you for this good review. I also ordered one on Feb. and I was stressed about the impossibility to configure the velocity curve and sensitivity. You bring me the good news. I still have a question regarding keybed. Initially the official announcement from AKAI says that is a graded hammer-action keybed, then I asked them to clarify the discrepancy between the specs. As a result they corrected the original announcement because is not "graded" hammer-action, just fully-weighter without grading. Can you confirm that?
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