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  1. I am using the Chauvet DJ Obey 70 I programed several banks of scenes without issue. They play back fine. However.... I wanted to align the functionality of the channels for 6 different types of fixtures. For instance. I want Fader/Slider 5 to control the color Red for all fixture types. This is the "Physical Fader Assignment" section of the. This is similar functionality to the "Joystick Assignment". I followed the Physical Fader Assignment instructions (After resetting the system... don't factory reset if you have programming that you would like to keep) For a Chauvet SlimPAR64 RGBA, I used this mapping: Physical --- Fixture channel --- Function --- --- 1 --- 10 --- nothing 2 --- 11 --- nothing 3 --- 8 --- master 4 --- 6 --- Strobe 5 --- 1 --- Red 6 --- 2 --- Green 7 --- 3 --- Blue 8 --- 4 --- Amber 9 --- 7 --- mode 10 --- 5 --- macro I went back to verify the settings (they don't always stick the first time) I have done several different configurations over and over trying to find a workaround to this problem For this example I set one of the SlimPAR64 with the above setting and left the others with default assignments For regular use, everything works fine. When setup a scene and program it in. The one with default assignments works fine. The one modified in this example changed as I programed it into the scene. When I play back the scenes, the ones with default assignments work fine. The ones with the Physical Fader Assignments does not. I don't have a DMX channel reader so I cannot tell exactly what the program step is recording. I have tried this on two different Chauvet Obey 70 boards. Has anyone else combined "Physical Fader Assignments" with programmed scenes with good or bad results? Don't change your assignments if you already have scenes programed and working. If you have a moving head assigned to the joystick, you could try creating a scene that included a joystick setting. Thanks for any help or comments.
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