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  1. Extremely Rare Neumann PEV-b – with built in 32 ch summing mixerGreat EQ on master buss – or on individual instrumentsMatched Pair – calibrated recappedBuilt in 32 input Passive Summing MixerHigh res photos and detailed description:https://vintagemaker.net/neumann-pev...e-passive-eqs/ Contact: https://vintagemaker.net/contact/ Specs:2U Standard Rack UnitNeumann Equalizer:Direct In Left (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced inputDirect In Right (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced inputDirect out Left (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced outputDirect out Right (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced outputMaster Insert/Send/Return
  2. 32 Input Neumann Summing Mixer – 4 x Multi Stereo Master Insert Legendary HAUFE Transformer based Neumann amp Custom built Discrete Summing Mixer designed for DAW SYNTH TAPE DRUM MACHINE mixing purposes HUGE HARMONIC CONTENT! More photos: https://vintagemaker.net/hot-sale-discounted-gears/ Specs: 1U Standard Rack Amp: Neumann v475-2A NOS modded 32 input 4x DB25 Tascam Analog balanced 2 x stereo out TRS balanced (Main/Monitor) Master Active/Passive 2in1 option by switch 4 x Master Insert Send/Return by switch via 2xDB25 (chained) SNDA/RETA
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