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  1. Accept orders for Custom Summing Mixer and Studio Monitor Controller for Your studio. From 4 - 8 - 16 - 24 - 32 in - even up to 96 balanced inputs. Custom built summing mixers and monitor controllers designed for Your studio - direct from VintageMaker since 2010. Site: https://vintagemaker.net/ Products: https://vintagemaker.net/products/ Gear database: https://summing.vintagemaker.net/ Documentation: https://vintagemaker.net/documentation/ Desktop Summing mixers: https://vintagemaker.net/littleone/ Desktop Studio Controllers: https://vintagemaker.net/littleknob/ Neumann Studio Summing Mixers: https://vintagemaker.net/neumann-summing/ Lawo Studio Summing Mixers: https://vintagemaker.net/lawo-summing/ Neumann follower Summing Mixers: https://vintagemaker.net/filtek-summing/ Transformer coupled analog summing mixers: https://vintagemaker.net/summing-transformer/ Studio Monitor Controllers: https://vintagemaker.net/littleknob/ 1U monitor controllers: https://summing.vintagemaker.net/1U-CTRL/ 1U Passive Mixers: https://vintagemaker.net/passive-summing/ 1U 2in1 Active/Passive mixers: https://summing.vintagemaker.net/1U-ACTIVE-16/ 2U 2in1 Active/Passive mixers: https://summing.vintagemaker.net/2U-ACTIVE-32/ 3U 2in1 Active/Passive mixers: https://summing.vintagemaker.net/3U-ACTIVE-32/56/ Miscellaneous Matrix Mixers: https://summing.vintagemaker.net/3U-MATRIX-SUM-24/32/ How to mix in analog: https://vintagemaker.net/analogsummingmixer/ Gear configurator: https://vintagemaker.net/contact/#customorder Contact: https://vintagemaker.net/contact/
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