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  1. Fantastic and rare Neumann Eq great sound, incredible bass, and fantastic highs. (customer review) Great EQ on master buss – or on individual instruments Matched Pair – calibrated recapped Built in 32 input Passive Summing Mixer Originally only found in the early 60’s Neumann vinyl cutting lathes/transfer consoles these rare passive EQ cartridges consist of a 60Hz low shelf, a midrange with seven frequency choices, and a 10 kHz high shelf. Effectively they are like an expensive tone control for your audio and can quickly & broadly re-shape the tone of your mix in a very musical manner. Read more about - Full Description with photos and diagrams - Neumann Equalizer PEV B The sound of these EQ’s can be described as ‘smooth’ & ‘broad’. The low end is large and creamy, the mids smooth & buttery, the highs smooth & silky. Specs: 2U Standard Rack Unit Neumann Equalizer: PEVB Direct In Left (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced input Direct In Right (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced input Direct out Left (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced output Direct out Right (DIR) TRS / XLR Balanced output Master Insert/Send/Return TRS balanced by Auto TRS Send *the signal was non interrupted if nothing connected to SEND Source Select Switch: Direct in (TRS/XLR) or SUMMING Bypass EQ/Send trough EQ Switches 32 input Passive Summing: -15dB gain loss rel to 0dB 16 Input (1-16) TRS Balanced 16 Input (17-32) D-SUB Tascam Analog Balanced Master Insert/Send/Return TRS balanced by Auto TRS Send *the signal was non interrupted if nothing connected to SEND 2 x Stereo to Mono input conversion switch = 8 Mono Direct Monitoring switch on input 1/2 read more about OUT Select switch: post insert signal to: Up – SEL DIR/SUM Switch (EQ) Down – Summing OUT1/OUT2 Power ON/OFF Switch Power LED: Blue World Wide PSU: 110-240 VAC to 24VDC EU plug read more on:https://vintagemaker.net/https://summing.vintagemaker.net/ Products: https://vintagemaker.net/products/ Gear database: https://summing.vintagemaker.net/ Documentation: https://vintagemaker.net/documentation/ Desktop Summing mixers: https://vintagemaker.net/littleone/ Desktop Studio Controllers: https://vintagemaker.net/littleknob/ 1U Passive Mixers: https://vintagemaker.net/passive-summing/ How to mix in analog: https://vintagemaker.net/analogsummingmixer/ Gear configurator: https://vintagemaker.net/contact/#customorder Contact: https://vintagemaker.net/contact/
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