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  1. Is it just me... or are ABY ridiculously overpriced for something quite, y'know, simple? I don't mean to detract away from people who make these, I'm sure it's a lot of effort to develop pedals like this. But its not as if these pedals make you breakfast whilst sustaining you notes for ever giving you stereo delay that is synched to a clock based upon GMT itself. It just switches from one route to another.
  2. Originally posted by El Cheapo Many years ago I went to party. I took mushrooms. I played bass for almost 8 solid hours. It seemed that no time had passed at all. Woah, what the {censored} were you playing? Funkadelic? I dunno about exercises, but I've been told I'm gonna develop arthiritis in my fingers when I'm older. Which is a {censored}ter. SiH
  3. TV on the Radio - Desperate Youths Bloodthirsty Babes DL4. Every member has a DL4, and uses them like their going out of style. The lead singer uses one to loop his vocals. Luckily, TV on the Radio {censored}ing rock, so it's ok. SiH
  4. 'The Word' on Rubber Soul I think 'Brain Damage' on DSOTM is pretty {censored}. SiH
  5. Originally posted by mrblackbat Personally, I wouldn't go the cheap route. I'd also plump for a HDD player rather than a flash player, too. If you've got all 3000 songs on your pc, why not have them with you all the time? Answer: Because I'm a poor student, and I can't be arsed to buy an iPod. But I guess if I want a player for my music files, then an iPod is what I'm gonna have to get. Which I don't want to do. The other alternative is to use the minidisc player I already have, and record songs off iTunes onto minidiscs. And since you can rewrite MDs, I can change whats on the MD as often as I please. The only downside to this is that I have actually record stuff onto the minidisc. Which means if I wanna record a 80minute MD, I have choose the songs and wait for 80mins whilst it records them. Its an option. And I don't actually have to buy anything to do that. And you can fit anything up to 3 albums on one MD. I'll give it all some thought. SiH
  6. Yeah yeah ok, cheers, but try finding me a cheap player that will support those file formats. I sure can't find one. SiH
  7. OGG files, never heard of them. Will it be a real big difference converting from m4a to mp3? SiH
  8. Hey guys. Help me out here. I have put all my CDs onto a hard drive, and now I'm looking to buy a small MP3 player. I'm a cheapskate, so I have been looking at eBay, and you can pick up 128MB players for like
  9. Originally posted by Kid_A Ouch, Just come across all this... Storm, im soo sorry dude been trying to deal with alot of crap outside of internet land and in the process {censored}ed you off out of a deal... For that i am sorry... As for the deal things have got ontop of me down here and cashing a cheque/post office duties were the last thing on my mind, saying that i did offer you the pedal for free and send your cheque back when we last spoke about this... I hope you managed to sort something else out... I hope everyone else is doing well. Good to see the usual gang are still about... John when you get a chance it'd be cool to meet up for a chat... Chin up eh? Daz Nice of you to join us, Daz! Ok ok, well, you finally got back in touch. In short (cuz I'm in Krakow atm and I haven't got long on the net), I aint pissed off with you about the pedal really, just annoyed that you didn't get in touch. If your personal life was getting in the way the sale, all you had to do was send an email to me, and I would completely understand. The fact that I have not heard a word from you in.... gosh... at least 4 months, obviously I figured out that something was wrong, but it would've been nice for you to let me know that the deal was off/postponed. Anyway, I'm done. Good to see you're back, hope you're alright. If you do still have pedal though.... I'll be in touch around the 5th September Richard
  10. Originally posted by Acid Test This is one of the elements I dislike about church. They preach openness and acceptance of others yet when it is time to excercise what they preach, they close the door. You guys have demonstrated good responsibility by being considered and respectful the first time you used the hall. Now they close the door because they want to use it for their own mission. Like what, Bingo? My point exactly. They must think we're devil worshippers or something. I mean, 'Alternative' aint a great term for a genre, its very vague, and conjures up images of thrash metal and leather lingerie and bat eating. But really what our society offers is an alternative to the cheesey crappy pop-{censored} that plagues our town and our radios. We tell people about gigs that are happening in the local area, provide transport and people to go with, and as all other socities do, we provide a forum for discussion and general happiness and friendship through share interests. Now that is a community, I see little difference between that and the community of the church (in the non-religious context of course). However, as was pointed out clearly, our 'meet-and-greet' event is, if I'm being perfectly honest, nothing but a nice name for a piss-up with a load of freshers whilst playing loud music til 3am I will accept that the church may not like that kind of event in their church hall. But we have used the hall before, and they didn't complain about anything, and we always treated the place with respect etc etc. I could potentially pretend I was a Christian. But I aint being no {censored}ing Catholic, I'd quite like to be a Quaker though, they rock! SiH
  11. Ok, I am on the committee for the Alternative Music Society (Alt-Soc) at my university (sort of a club for people who like music but don't like cheesey pop). Anyway, I'm trying to organise a 'meet and greet' event for the new members that will be joining the society in October. The only available venue is a Church Hall, its perfect because its nice and roomy, easy to clean up, and its cheap. In April, we had a similar event to the one I'm organising, it went perfectly, no hiccups, no damages, no problems. So I email the guy in the church who is responsable for the hiring of the church hall. He replies saying that he can't accomodate us at the 'Institute' this time, due to a recent change policy. I ask him nicely about this change in policy, and plead with him to reconsider (since there are very few other venues available to us). This is his reply: The change of policy is due to The Parish wanting to increase the use of the Institute for our own mission to the local community. We feel that renting it out to non christian groups who have no parish affiliation is getting in the way of our message so it has to stop. You have no idea how much this angers me. :mad: Makes you wonder if they'd let us use it if we were a CCM Appreciation Society. Would they say the same thing to a LGBT Society (which there is one at the university)? Students make up a major part of the community in Durham, it being a 'student town'. To say that a music appreciation society would get in the way of their message, would some how prevent their work in the community, is just ridiculous. This is just wrong on so many levels. SiH
  12. Yeah, I listen to the demo album I recorded with the band I was in, its damn funky, and the production is ace. I'm not in the band anymore though, so I guess I don't count. SiH
  13. You know, we really ought to write a book. The Harmony Central Effects Forum Guide to Guitar Effects. Our combined knowledge would be really useful, and it would probably sell loads. Or at least be a decent reference book for guitar/music shops. I'm serious btw. SiH
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