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  1. Who can tell me whats the big diffrences between the lonestar and the lonestar special? I know that the special is class A and the lonestar is class AB but i think didnt understand what is the big diffrece between them. I playing Prog metal, rock, fusion, jazz, blues, funk and all What can you say?
  2. there is warmer, more pure and smooth overdrive pedal beside the BB Preamp? for this range of price (180 USD)? I think that it the coolest overdrive pedal that i heard ever ! what do you say about it?
  3. Originally posted by Chuck_Norris_yo And what of the new line 6 stuff? verbzilla etc. +1 to the verbzilla
  4. its good to hear. i have the DD-20 and the CE-20 i think that the EQ-20 gonne join to my board
  5. Something else? what do you say about the MXR? it is really THAT good?
  6. please give me suggestions for eq pedal. i thinking about the MXR M-108 what do ya say?
  7. and this is the reason why i asked first because im dont know well this tiny details so what do you suggest me to do? i trust your opinion
  8. by the way i didnt understand what is the differences between the Lexicon MX200 and the Lexicon MX400? Thanks. Amit
  9. but the g-system and the g-force is not for my pocket yet.. i want some quility reverb with couple of modulations for 400-600 USD i cant buy something like that and the Lexicon MX400 or TC elec' M-One XL have normal prices i want something in this range of prices or, if you the that to TC is better or the lexicon..
  10. I started to build a new guitar rig. i have an excellent floor pre amp Koch - Pedal Tone boss dd-20 and ce-20 dyna comp and more couple of pedals that i actually not using them. i want to pass next level and make my pedals racks i want a reavrb that dont disapoint me i didnt found a really good reverb pedals why you think that i dont need to take the Lexicon mx400? Thanks. Amit.
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