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  1. HINT: Dude, no offense, but this is a GUITAR forum. It is specifically required that posts be "on point" in this forum (electric guitars). All this political/economic stuff DOES NOT BELONG here. Take it to guitar jam (off-topic) or Political Party. i will +1 this post.
  2. hm...i think the op was referring to me as the blanket guy... anyhoo, good thread
  3. These are supposed to be good too. Stowa. http://www.german-watches.com/cgi-bin/lshop.cgi?action=showdetail&wkid=17694&ls=e&nc=1281589117-17726&rubnum=flieger&artnum=fliegerdatum&file=&gesamt_zeilen=Tshowrub--flieger Around 500 EUR tho i had my eye on their antea creme. i think ard 300EU or something. unlike my more liberal preference towards effects/effects processors (or amp sims), im strictly old school abt my watches. autos and manual winds only
  4. real Jeez....you must be one helluva player. however, pls note that according to vai and many others, facial expression is essential for guitar players
  5. i curse the day i stumble upon p*wf and w*tchus**k sites. it happened a couple of months back and now im hooked to watches. i just won a bid on a 66A Seiko fm 65 and already looking for other seikos. guitars + watches = not good hobbies for guys with tight pockets and a daughter on the way
  6. actually im kinda loving the maple FB on the SG is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  7. so mid-lower end sennheiser/BD (how come i didnt think of it before)/Sony/Phillips should do the trick. like i said before i was researching in various hifi forums but the level complexity of the discussion in the those forums threw me off. well at least i got my starting point. now on to product testing!! thanks guys....
  8. hi guys, im new here and i got a question to ask re: headphones. so obviously my noodling does not impress the wife (and in laws to say the least) so im thinking abt getting a pair of decent headphones for practice (sub USD100's will be great ). my quick research so far has lead me to sony V600, sennheiser HD 205 (or 215) and akg. so anyone can give some advice on what model and most importantly, features, should i aim for? thanks... btw im using Zoom G7
  9. hi guys... im in the market of a good practice amp. a bit of profile : i dont play regularly and i mostly play in my room. so i think i need maybe 25watt max. my current amp is a roland rebel. very old model and its falling apart now (sob sob). its been ages ago since im in the market for an amp and now the options simply overwhelming. so...really appreciate any suggestions. thanks guys. bona
  10. hi you all... i am seriously thinking about buying this nifty little unit, but i am having a little bit doubt about its maintenance. to be more precise the tube. does it require changing? what does it do anyway? (understand that its not for the dist). thanks for the info...
  11. a couple years back i found a gibson with built in effects in a crummy local pawn shop. it was an LP model with effects control much like the fresher above. i walked bcs the gibson looked bogus....anyone can confirm this?
  12. Originally posted by Fred5 In 30 years it will all be a {censored}in parking lot. i hear you bro.....
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