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  1. Excellent music making keyboard for little money.
  2. Excellent not expensive keyboard that sounds fantastic but you wont have a full keyboard.
  3. boardsnstuff

    Yamaha PSS 680

    A good quality Keyboard that wont cost a lot and sound super with the rightsettings.
  4. boardsnstuff

    Kawai X 40 D

    This keyboard looks space age and sounds as neat too and it wont be too expensive to obtain.
  5. boardsnstuff

    Casio Ct x700

    A good lower priced keyboard with the useful sounds hidden in it that sound wonderful even though not super duper.
  6. boardsnstuff

    Yamaha PSS 680

    Excellent sounds if the Digital synth programming is used and the basic voices are nice and high quality and fun to put in its 5 tracks to play a recording sounding like a band.
  7. boardsnstuff

    Roland RA 50

    Good sound for use in expressing music, the price is terrific,CHEAP!
  8. Its worth buying this to entertain myself and enjoy some nice sounding music.It is very reliable and wont stop working.
  9. Very good high quality keyboard that is not professional but that doesn't hold it back.
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