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  1. I feel like I am pretty halfway decent at this considering I haven't been playing too long. I want to improve. One thing I feel is I try to fill in tool much lead in between chords/rhythm. I know Hendrix and EVH doing well. But you all here are familiar with players I have never heard of. Any tips, YouTube videos, etc. that you recommend? thanks
  2. Well looking into studio monitors. Don’t need much power because it is for office. Will the zoom pedal have enough power to drive 10-20 watt studio monitors?
  3. Yeah it has an input and output for a regular guitar amp capable. I am just thinking the modeling of the real amp might clash with the modeling of the effects pedal. Now, let me ask this. If I create a totally clean channel on the real amp, what should it have? Any volume? Any gain? Any bass? Anything? Thanks for the serious help.
  4. That's what is.mixing me up. The volume knob on my guitar increases the volume level, of course, but on some patches, nowhere near enough. I also increase the volume on the amp, but it doesn't go up. I am thinking because the way it is going from the Zoom pedal to the amp using the aux. Because I have it connected this way, the pedal controls everything. What I am trying to do when using the pedal is override the modeling of the amp.
  5. I had that last question awhile back about the Zoom G1on pedal and how did I have to run it through a clean setting on my amp. Well, another forum, a guy said to just run it to the amp using the aux line. It worked. But a lot of my patches are low volume. I noticed a lot of the loaded patches sound fine. I think I have to have the gain turned up on the modeled amp on the patch (not my real amp). But there is a gain on things like the tube screamer and other effects. Should I turn these all up to 100? Or just the gain on the modeled amp? Some of you might say just try each one. That would take forever for all of the patches I created. Any tips?
  6. No, I agree. Action comes from saddle adjustment. But if there is a huge U shape in the neck, frets 7-10 or so will be a pretty good ways from the strings.
  7. I mean I lowered them all the way. I used the bridge on the American Professional Strat as a guide. I think it is all at up. I want a set of pickups to improve this now.
  8. Just noticed something I am wondering about now. Try to make it not sound so confusing. Ok, so my LT25 has a clean amp setting but there are certain treble, bass, and mid settings for this clean amp. Now, when I create a patch for the Zoom, it has built in treble, mid, and bass settings. Do I need to lower these setting in the amp as low as they will go or lower the settings on the pedal and control with the knobs on the amp?
  9. Yeah man. I lowered all pickups and compared my American Professional Strat and used it as a guide. Used open note and 12th fret harmonic. They are same. Action is still a bit high, but I feel the truss rod won’t turn much more. Saddles are kinda low also. I will measure when tools come in.
  10. So, been practicing and making adjustments with my ZOOM G1on effects pedal through my Fender Mustang LT25. I am using clean setting on the amp. If I created a patch/effects chain, do I need to have an amp listed in my chain since I am playing through an amp? For example, if I made a patch with overdrive, reverb, flanger, etc. I could add in a Marshall stack or a Fender Bassman or whatever. But do I need to since I am playing through the LT25?
  11. I have been watching a few videos. Maybe I won’t need a loaded pickguard. How difficult would it be to wire the three single coils of my choice? Pots might be a different story I bet?
  12. Those are nice but a little out of budget. I am modding the SX Strat for the wife. I traded an acoustic for the SX. So, I have very little in it. Trying to keep it as a decent budget guitar mod. Maybe something in the 90-130 dollar range. Thanks for any input.
  13. https://reverb.com/item/32882759-loaded-stratocaster-pickguard-with-fender-57-62-pickups these good?
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