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  1. Hello everybody!

    Here’s a video of my top 10 guitars!

    1/ Ibanez M80M (Meshuggah signature).

    2/ Solar E2.6 TBRM.

    3/ Silverburst Les Paul with Lace Alumitone Deathbuckers.

    4/ Black Les Paul with Gibson BurstBucker Pro.

    5/ Reliced Strat' with DiMarzio HS3.

    6/ Slash Les Paul Axcess with Seymour Duncan Slash pickups signature.

    7/ Ibanez SR505 bass.

    8/ Jackson King V KVMG Pro with EMG James Hetfield signature.

    9/ Harley Benton DC Custom 612.

    10/ Ovation CC 24.

    And the others...




  2. Hello!

    Here’s an unboxing and complete test of the 5 strings bass: Ibanez SR505.


    Is the QC correct?

    Does it sound better than a Squier JazzBass?

    I think it’s better than the SR305.

    But the narrow spacing between strings makes slapping much harder.






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  3. Need to upgrade your guitar pickups and don’t know what to choose between the well-established EMGs and the Fishman Fluence which is conquering the guitar market?

    Maybe my video would help you?


    Or, maybe, you’re just curious to hear the difference!



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