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  1. Can a modern guitar play grandpa music? (Relaxing music).
  3. Enter the competition to win a modded HB !
  4. It’s kinda sad that even at 1699€, a guitar still has QC problems.
  5. Hello guyz! Here’s my review and demo of the Schecter KM7 MKIII if you were into the game of getting a 7 string guitar!
  6. Why no headstock, what’s the Endurneck? Fishman Fluence Modern good or bad choice? Why this strange shape? And more details in the video, before you buy one.
  7. Man, you made my day!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!
  9. Hello everyone! Here’s a video of me tryin’ to gypsy jazz out of a metal guitar! It didn’t turn as expected!
  10. Hello everyone! New Meshuggah "Bleed" lesson (slow speed), song structure, available!!!!
  11. Hello! In this video I’m trying to: - help you on how to choose a guitar for beginners and advanced players -how to buy a guitar online - and I'm taking you through the many specifications of an electric guitar.
  12. Thank you very much bro!
  13. Hello everybody! Here’s a video of my top 10 guitars! 1/ Ibanez M80M (Meshuggah signature). 2/ Solar E2.6 TBRM. 3/ Silverburst Les Paul with Lace Alumitone Deathbuckers. 4/ Black Les Paul with Gibson BurstBucker Pro. 5/ Reliced Strat' with DiMarzio HS3. 6/ Slash Les Paul Axcess with Seymour Duncan Slash pickups signature. 7/ Ibanez SR505 bass. 8/ Jackson King V KVMG Pro with EMG James Hetfield signature. 9/ Harley Benton DC Custom 612. 10/ Ovation CC 24. And the others...
  14. Hello everyone! I did a Malmsteen guitar lesson: - hand movements, pickslanting, economy picking, speed relaxed movements… Enjoy!
  15. Hello! I did a second video on the Solar E2.6 and it’s a “tone testing” video. Bye!
  16. Hello everyone! I present you my Solar Guitars E2.6 TBRM Unboxing & Review video below:
  17. Try to win a PRS Mark Holcomb signature guitar!
  18. Hello my guitar enthusiast fellas! Here's a review of the 3rd copy of the Ibanez RGDIM6FM I received...
  19. Hello! Here’s an unboxing and complete test of the 5 strings bass: Ibanez SR505. Is the QC correct? Does it sound better than a Squier JazzBass? I think it’s better than the SR305. But the narrow spacing between strings makes slapping much harder.
  20. Need to upgrade your guitar pickups and don’t know what to choose between the well-established EMGs and the Fishman Fluence which is conquering the guitar market? Maybe my video would help you? Or, maybe, you’re just curious to hear the difference!
  21. Hello guyz! I just received the new Ibanez Iron Label 6 strings multiscale. Unboxing & test.
  22. Thank you VERY MUCH!!! Yes, I kinda feel ashamed of discoring it just now!
  23. Hello guyz! I just got the EBow +: an electronic bow for guitar. Here’s an unboxing, test, demo, tips, review video:
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