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  1. Frustraed with having to use menus instead of real-time controls? How about having controls, and their values always start out at the values of whatever patch preset you call up, for a seamless transition to live control. Like having motorized faders, but without anything mechanical. And cooler looking. https://spectralplex.com/incredible-real-time-touch-controller-for-the-yamaha-dx7-synthesizer/?fbclid=IwAR2ESquQHVqZ8l2S36tzjXE4MTU5fjWlOXOKrPhg8TwoOBo55swrSqILC1Q
  2. When it comes to real-time control of parameter via midi, the original DX7 is about worthless. I you change the sound parameter values during a note, the sound will stutter. The DX7II, hovever, will handle it just fine. With the control panel I use, I can routinely adjust several parameter values at once without any problems. The only thing you have to watch out for is sending too much data at once. If you shove a whole bunch of data to the DX7II full bore, it will lock up due to a buffer overflow, as it can't actually process the data as fast as the midi channel can shovel it in.
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