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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just in case anyone else has this problem and the thread is still relevant, I will add my 2 cents worth. The short is, I have done the repair and so far (1 hour) it is able to retain its memory for at least a 15 minute duration while turned off. Couple things I'd suggest: - There are small wire springs (sort of) that are under the top 2 screws. Notice there position. - The knob on the front that controls volume needs to be removed by pulling straight outward with pliers. This is part of what holds the board in when it feels like it should come out. - There are 2 small screws beside the MIDI insert that need to be removed. - The top board has all the inserts attached to it so you need to wiggle and kind of contort the plastic box in order to remove it. - I ended up un-soldering the battery holders from the board and then using sidecutters, remove the metal tabs from the old battery. I then tried to shape them back to their original shape (metal seems forgiving for being bent) and soldered them into their original holes on the board. -Take note of the polarity and put the holders in their correct holes This is where my fix may fail. I used electrical tape and simply wedged the battery between the clips and wrapped it. Not sure if the connection has enough "squeeze" on the battery and the longevity of the tape is also questionable. I don't feel soldering to the battery is an option That's all I can think of other then be quick on the soldering so the board doesn't get too hot. Thanks to Nick782 for his inspiration
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