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  1. Wish you did an independent review for HP models.
  2. I disagree with policies like putting better tops on HP models to give them an edge or a push over the T models. I think they made huge investments into the new features and they HAVE to sell that stuff, even if that involves tricking rookies like myself into buying the HP models. There is a strong emphasis that these are the better guitars, which is very disputable.
  3. So true my friend! I guess great whiners think alike ...
  4. I saw/heard lots of people on utube demos and other sites saying how great that one looks, and was wondering WTF? I suspect there may be some promotion tricks going on.
  5. Am I doing a right thing to revive an old tread? I got one of these HP traditionals, plays great, sound is a bit too bright and sort of snappy like a strat - there is also this metallic tinge to the sound, I think its coming from the titanium parts. I have to call it a 'tinny' sound. The luthier I take my guitars to, recommended not modifying those parts because they belong with the intrinsic design of the guitar. So I will try a couple of Bare Knuckles instead of the stock classic 57s of which I am not a huge fan anyway , I actually used a BN Abraxas on it and there is serious improvement
  6. I would recommend checking with the string tree also, in case there is one on the D and G. Lubricating the string tree (or applying graphite, though I didnt try that) worked for me in a similar situation. Ultimately I changed the string tree on my Strat to TUSQ.
  7. Hope you don't mind me breaking into this conversation with my issue, but I have a concern that the Titanium parts- saddles and nut - will make a very bright guitar in the HP models, more so than I and some others will like in a Les Paul. How do you people think about that? I observe HP models are getting a lot of bashing in the forums for that feature.
  8. I can live not playing Malmsteen on them... I can live better like that actually, since I couln't play Malmsteen anyway...
  9. Thanks Mr... I will do that when I get my hands on them... they sound amazing on utube... but again, people seem to think they are good only for clean playing (over against the Blues Specials which are supposed to be more versatile).
  10. Meaning the output of vintage pickups is weak therefore...so it means one necessarily needs big output pickups for heavier sounds? I think I can get there with pedals. I suspect there are other variables at work here. Sorry if I am getting elementary...
  11. Hey really hope you get the best stuff you like soon.
  12. I believe Thr10 is a great tool for low volume playing/practicing. One negative thing I will concur with, hi-gain settings are quite trebly, maybe they got it better in the Thr10x the hi-gain version? Lead channel is its best,.plays classic rock incredibly well. I tend to use the acoustic channel for clean playing, I can not say I got the most brilliant clean sounds out of the.Thr, but it is still fine enough I think. Although much praised for its headphone output in the forums, I didn't get good results there.either. But it can well be the best thing for low volume playing with its small
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