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  1. I only got 75min to decide if I want to grab something from the Waves analog sale. If I miss it I might have to wait a whole month for this sale price again! All their SSL stuff is on sale separately for $29/ea. Right now, the only true 2bus Compressor I own is the Waves 2500.. and it gets a ton of use, especially on the drum bus. I'm not a huge fan of it on the 2bus, but after messing around with the G-Buss, it seems like that's where it feels most comfortable. Is this true? I could also take a total left turn and grab either the SSL E or G channel. I was demoing them earlier. Just messing around with the presets, which all seem to be the same settings. The G-Eq seems smoother while the E is edgier. Thanks, Adam 79adam79@gmail.com
  2. I'm in the market for a new wah pedal. I've mainly owned Crybaby GCB-95s. One was an early '80s model, the one I have now mid '90s. My other wah was a Boomerang BG-2 which sounded F^CKIN RAD AS SHIT! It's pot broke tho, and this was before the replacement pot was being made by.. aw damn, why can't I remember dude's name. Anyways, Boomers use a bizarre pot with values and a shaft length that isn't made by any electronics company. Atleast when I owned mine it wasn't. I'm sick of the GCB-95 and want something different. I'd love to add a Tycobrahe Parapedal to the arsenal, but I don't have a grand to throw at a pedal. Same with the BG-1 Boomerang. I've heard that Colorsound make a good wah. How do their reissues compare to the original '70s ones? I'm guessing that I already know the answer to that question, but screw it.. I'll ask it anyways. Any other wahs that come to mind which I failed to mention? Whether they are old/vintage or a new company that's making the right moves. If I was to go with another Dunlop, it either be a 535, 535Q or BB535. I have no idea what the difference between the three are, but I've never seen anything negative written about any of 'em.
  3. It's just the straight Apollo; the original silver version. I should have done a bit more research tho cuz UA came out with the updated black unit literally a month after I bought mine. If I could change one thing I would have waited to save the extra money for a QUAD. I only have a DUO and run out of plugin processing on occasion.
  4. Ya, I'm aware of that. I read the piece about that recording a while back, and then did some research on the M160. It sounds like a great mic.. and versatile. I don't want a When The Levee Breaks drum sound, nor have access to a mansion to try getting it! I'm more interested in trying it on guitar amps, and yes, overheads.
  5. I've been debating on whether to go with the 421 or RE20. I want a vintage kick sound and if I'm not mistaken the D6 is more modern. I just did some research on the two and it seems like most people use the 20 for kick and bass and the 421 on toms. Looks like I'll be going with the 20. I've always wanted to try out the M160. That's the mic Zeppelin used for the killer drum sound on When The Levee Breaks, no? The mic rental place I'm using doesn't carry them. I'm gonna stick with the 57. They do rent the 121, but it's a hundo per day (WAY too expensive). I have one of the newer MacBook Pros (with the SSD hard drives), Pro Tools 12.4 and a UA Apollo (4 UA preamps and I can insert the 4 pres from my Mackie 1202VLZ PRO Mixer for a total of 8 simultaneous). Those UA plugins are next level.
  6. Ive never tried mic'ing the side of the snare shell. Where do you ususally place the mic? On the same side as high hat? Is the mic angled at all or straight?
  7. Thanks for the response. What do u mean by keeping the amps on the "inside" and "outside"? The room is rectangular. Concrete floor, drop ceiling tiles (room height is 8.75') and dry wall. Neither I or the band has cash for any acoustical treatments. I plan on placing the drums at one end of the room (length wise). Gonna place the guitar amp at the other end on a folding chair. Put another chair directly across it and drape a moving blanket over the tops of the chair backs. DI the bass and have the singer in a corner behind a couple matteresses. If he can sing at normal volume w/o bleed thru, great. If not, just loud enough for the rest of the band to hear him thru the headphones as a scratch track. Record the bass alone thru an amp and mix the DI and amp takes. If we have enough mics I might use 4 on the drums...kick, snare and 2 overheads.
  8. I'm recording my friend's band and I'm going to use the 3 mic technique for the drums. One of the mics if definitely going in front of the kick. The other two will either both be overheads or one overhead and one snare. I only have 4 mics in my locker: 2 MCA SP1 small/medium diaphram condensers and 2 SM 57. We'll be renting a few mics as well. If I choose to use just the one overhead I'm gonna rent a SM 81 for this. If I decide to go with two overheads will it be more consistent if I use both SP1's, instead of an SP1 and 81? The band wants to record live, so I might just use the SP1 (s) as the overheads no.matter what, so I can save the rental money for a kick mic and guitar amp mic. They are a punk rock band, so I was thinking a MD421 would sound great for that. I've read great things about the AKG C414 on guitar amps, but the rental place only has the new C414 XLS, which doesn't have the vintage C12 capsule that supposedly makes the mic. Does anyone have any experience with the newer XLS version? Does it hold a candle to the vintage model? I also like the SM57/RE20 combo on guitar amps. Any suggestions? Thanks, Adam
  9. I wrote Randall and was told that they were made during a short time in the late '90s. Unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to play a RG80, but from everything I've read, the best ones to get are the early '80s models, 82-84, if memory serves correctly. These are the ones with the light gray knobs, right? So much for my theory that I stumbled upon some super rare prototype! He sent me the amp's manual too. Lemme know if yer interested in taking a look and I'll upload it. Thanks for the info, -Adam
  10. I was searching for Randall RG80 Combos and came across one that looks old. Maybe a first year production model? I've been checking these out a lot lately and I've yet to see one that looks like this. Any info would be appreciated. I've read that the early/mid-80's models are considered to be the best sounding. Does that mean from the beginning up to the early/mid-80's, or just the early/mid 80's? Anyways, here's a pic:
  11. I'm looking into getting a keyboard, w/ pads, to use as a MIDI Controller in Pro Tools. I want to use it to trigger drum samples and use all the virtual instruments that came with PT12. I have a low budget so I localized my search to the Mini category. The two mini controllers that get the best reviews are the Akai MPK Mini MK2 and Novation Launchkey Mini. However, I just got done reading a thread over on AudioBus.com where both these units were being torn to shreds.. most everything was being criticized.. bad feel on the pads and keys, poor velocity sensitivity, etc. I'm planning on making the trip over to Guitar Center this weekend to try these out first hand, but I'm assuming that there are OOP units, or maybe ones that won't be in-stock, that I should be looking into. Maybe I could even find a good deal on a used non-Mini controller. I'm super unfamiliar with MIDI and virtual instruments. It'd be awesome if anyone could share some of their experiences with controllers that they use and like. Thanks, -Adam
  12. Does DetoxIt make the F100 so it doesn't degrade the parts? Since it's 100% lube, no cleaner?
  13. That sounds like a major hassle. I was planning on giving the entire unit a nice all-over clean/lube.
  14. I just unscrewed the back panel and there's a secondary PCB board blocking the pots. It doesn't seem that obvious on how to remove this PCB board. Before I tried opening the unit, I tested all four preamps and this time hey all worked fine; the trim pots are just filthy. Here's a pic of the inside if I'm not explaining it correctly: Does anyone know how to get remove this top piece of PCB board and get it out of the way? Thanks, -Adam
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