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  1. Hi Phil, Thanks for taking the time to reply. To address your questions directly: Rooms I'm considering using: I'm look to use my garage, of which the dimensions I'm not yet sure of as I'm just gathering as much info as possible as far as process first. Location within the house and relativity to neighbours: I'm in a semi-detactched house. My neighbours are pretty tolerant as they understand it's my job (I use the garage to teach in the evenings). Sound isolation, I think, will let me also teach til later and record in the evenings if need be - keep in mind that given I'd record during the day, everyone's at work so not that big a deal... Although I still don't want to make a racket! Rooms above or below the space, or adjacent to it, what are the walls, floors and ceiling made of: Walls in the garage that connect to the house are the living room (brick wall), and my bathroom (on the same floor, also brick / concrete). The other wall (brick) faces a clearing, and the other is the garage door (paper thin, really). The ceiling is also paper thin. Both ceiling and garage door are main concerns, really. As I mentioned, don't yet know dimensions, but will be measuring soon. Does this help? What I mean by mobility is that I want to be able to take the sound isolation stuff I'll be making to whatever house I may move to in the future... x
  2. Hi everyone, I apologise in advance if this has ever been covered here before, yet I couldn't find info. I'm looking to start a recording studio specifically for drums - for myself to do remote sessions, and in the eventuality someone else would like to use the studio. Essentially, I'd like some advice with regards to sound isolation (and treatment) and people's experience with this in their own (or rented) homes; whether a bedroom or garage. I know it's a very general question. The main sticking point in all this is mobility... I'd like to be able to take this sound isolation to other places I might move into in the future. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks! Nick x
  3. I played a session the other day I took this picture of my kit - Starclassic Maple (VAM) and Sabian cymbal set-up. Hope you like! P.S: I hope post is appropriate?! I'm new here.
  4. I got 934 first time 'round! Silly thing, but quite cool.
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