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  1. Some late period amp forum goodness... I like when I eat Cocoa Puffs and my pee smells like cocoa puffs
  2. Do people still look for these things or should I just leave it?
  3. 80s Yamaha or Peavey SS practice amp, since you want to use pedals Any Roland cube Mixer + SansAmp - you can plug your PC into your pedals
  4. He may be using something more complex with different loops that can be switched in. So it may not be a single effect but an entirely different signal chain.
  5. The thing to do is blend it with some dry or non ring modulated signal. It can create a lot of movement like that.
  6. Can accordians make the long, sustained sounds like this? [video=youtube;rM9gKJbDCOA]
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