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  1. One Control White Loop While pedal dancing may help your Dance Dance Revolution skills (yeah I know, total '90s throwback reference), one would think there is an easier way to switch between two banks of effects pedals. And this is where the One Control White Loop shines. Put simply, the White Loop allows you to set up two loops and switch between them with the click of one button. While at first glance this may not seem to be a novel approach, most, if not all other loop switchers out there require you to turn Loop A off and then turn Loop B on in order to switch between the two (an ugly version of the Texas Two- Step). However, the One Control White Loop does this with the press of one switch. Yes, you're probably asking, what if I want to use Loop A and Loop B simultaneously, well then this is not the pedal for you. However, it does allow instant access to one of two pedal banks, which personally I find more useful. Also, keep in mind that you can put commonly used pedals before or after the White Loop such that these "common" pedals can be used in combination with Loop A or Loop B, or by themselves by pressing the Bypass switch, which bypasses the currently selected loop. It's also important to note that the bypass for each loop—as well as the overall bypass—are true bypass, so none of them will color your tone when not in use. In fact, I'm a stickler for purity of tone and I don't hear coloration even with the loops activated. Huge kudos to their circuit desingers at One Control. As a use-case and for reference I use the One Control White Loop to switch between a rhythm sound and a lead sound with the following configuration: Before the White Loop Tuner Wah Pedal Loop A (rhythm) Eventide Space Echo with tap tempo to match my rhythmic playing Loop B (lead) Catalinbread Echo Rec (with a tap delay) TC Electronics Mojotone (for just a little overdrive edge) Pigtronix Philosophers Tone After the White Loop Pigtronix Inifinity Looper As an added nicety they label the loops as Red and Green and, unlike a lot of looper pedals, the White Loop actually has LEDs for each (yes one green and one red) to indicate which loop is currently active. Conclusion: This pedal is not for you if you want to run Loop A and Loop B simultaneously. The One Control White Loop is for you if you want to switch between two banks of loops with the press of one switch.
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