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  1. I'm pretty sure that's it. So basically I was right they were nothing more than a prop. Really not a mic for vocal "sound reinforcement".
  2. It's highly possibe its a stage prop, I have never seen one but in this one video.
  3. I saw where someone else asked you about a mic, and made me think about one. What mic is this?
  4. JMO but I'm not sure that is really as relevant today as it was several years ago.
  5. In the past I've had an iMac but recently switched to the newest Mac Book Pro. I got the newest one with the touch bar and every upgrade option available. This is the monitor that I am docking it to. Its just a monitor I had laying around. ASUS Designo MX279H 27" Full HD 1920x1080 IPS HDMI VGA Frameless Monitor Anyway, I guess I'm just used to the glossy, glass screen of the iMac but this monitor and any similar one I check out seems to be dull and not very crisp and vibrant. I would like to get a 32 inch curved monitor, does anyone have any suggestions? Would a 4K make up the difference in a semi matte or semi glossy? Glare is not really that big an issue. I just want something bright and very sharp. Any help, opinions, or discussion on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Ok Phil, let me run this by you. With my mini pedal board I am basically taking what I have on my pedalboard and using the exact mini version or as close to it as I can get. That being said here is the order of my pedals from guitar input to out put to amp. Polytune Ego Compressor Flashback Delay HOF Reverb MXR Analog Delay Phase 90 Overdrive What do you think about that order? Also where should the Mod/Tremelo go? Sometimes I stick on the end out of convenience and sometimes I put it between the HOF and the MXR Delay. What do you think?
  7. I'm like you for $59 its hard not to try. I'm going to get one, I doubt very seriously if it will ever get a permanent spot on my board but it would be nice to have in the arsenal.
  8. Will do. What do you think about Mooer's Mod Factory? I don't use tremolo THAT much, nor any of the other mods available but it sure would be nice to have them on the board when you do need them.
  9. I didn't think about modulation, but is definitely something to think about. I will have the Flashback mini on the board as well but I was think about an analog one as well. I think I'll look at the Red Witch and the Mooer. What do you think about the Joyo? The seem pretty cheap cost wise but I hear good things about them. I deally I would like to have a Fuzz but I'm not sure I will have the room. I may go ahead and get the Malekko and just swap it in and out as needed. I look at all of the Vibratos and tremolos but the Shaker has really got my attention. I love TonePrint. It may take me about 30 days to complete, but as soon as I get it completed I will post some pics. Thanks dude.
  10. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a pedal junkie. I have hundreds of them. I have everything from pedals 50 years old to several days old. But what I don't have is any mini pedals. Even though I have a lot of pedals I can't stand big, junkie pedal boards. I usually no more than 7 pedals on a board. Right now I'm using a 2 row Pedaltrain that is about 20 inches wide. I got to thinking about that even it is too bulky for my taste. So I thought about taking the pedals that I use now, see if they make mini counterparts. So here are my pedals. Polytune - Yes there is a mini Ego Compressor - Yes there is a mini - just found out TC Electronic Flashback Delay - Yes there is a mini TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb - Yep MXR Analog Delay - No MXR Phase 90 - Yep (the 95) Various Overdrives ( I swap between several) - Yes there are plenty Occasional Tremelo (doesn't have a permanent spot on board) - Open to suggestions Okay that being said, the ones that have mini counterparts are no brainers to me. I will just get the mini counterpart, but that leaves the analog delay, overdrive, and tremolo. Let's start with the analog delay. Something keeps steering me toward the Ibanez Analog Delay Mini. What is your thoughts? Do you have any other suggestions? Second what about overdrives, I have looked and looked at the numerous ones out there and the Keeley Red Dirt mini keeps popping up? Seems like a good pedal, what do you think. I went into it with the Mini Tube Screamer in mind but every review I've seen said it is noisy as hell. What is everyone else's experience? And last what about a tremolo or even a vibe? I have no idea on this one. It doesn't usually keep a permanent spot on my boards so I'm open to any suggestions. I hoping all, at least the first seven will fit on a Nano+. Any and all feedback and suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. This may have already been discussed and if it has I apologize, but I thought everyone may want to know. Musicians Friend is doing their "Stupid Deal of The HOUR" today instead of Stupid Deal of Day. Hopefully they will have some pretty good deals. Right now they have a 3 Pack of XLR cables for $10.99
  12. How about that guido61 I'm going to have to absolutely agree with you OnSong is a great app that does everything asked and more. It is one of the best apps for musicians I have ever used.
  13. I believe it can be done under very limited circumstances but some people exaggerate to the point of being ridiculous.
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