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  1. This seems pretty accurate to me. I might expand the definition of a 'hybrid' band to include a band that mixes their original music with their own arrangements or versions of cover tunes in a style that fits. Playing songs that people know in a personal style can help bridge the gap. I would suspect, though, that your rules for original bands are probably more applicable to this type of hybrid. There are definitely fewer people who seek out new music than there are those who prefer the familiar. I am lucky to live in a city that has a number of venues that support original/hybrid acts in a variety of genres. Nice article.
  2. "Mixing is as difficult to master as playing a musical instrument" Ain't that the truth! This is a helpful article. Nothing significantly different than other things I have read and heard, but some of your descriptions and explanations provide a different way of looking at parts of the process. I have been reading books, mixing and re-mixing, reading articles, mixing and re-mixing, taking on-line courses, mixing and re-mixing... I'm getting better, but it does seem like slow going. Or perhaps it's just me.
  3. I have one question, Craig. In the EQ section you say, "Also, using the low-pass filter on instruments that veer toward the bass range, like guitar and piano, can help trim their low end to open up more space for the all-important bass and kick drum." Did you mean that to say, "using a high pass filter..." or am I misunderstanding the concept?
  4. I've been playing about 40 years and have had lots of guitars and other gear. This was my first, and likely last, Epiphone. I have a 25 year old Ibanez that has survived clubs, bars, rehersals, road trips etc and it took 15 years before I replaced pots and switches in that guitar. I was looking at a similar Ibanez Artcore but the sales guy told me he thought the electronics in the Epi were better. Ha! To be fair, when it works, I like this guitar, I just wish they would offer to fix something this basic.
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