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  1. Free sympathy bump as I take my MarkIII into GC to get killed on the value. Someone buy this guy's amp.
  2. mojo man i've been looking for one of these for a while and thats a mega-deal Thanks. Was just stopping back in this thread to see if there was any interest, I am about to take it to GC and let them screw me on the value. I really thought $650 would have been too good for anyone to pass up but nobody is spending before the holidays it seems. I plan to pick another one up come tax time, first combo I find with the GEQ for a decent price that comes up once I have the cash is mine. Theyre absolutely killer amps. Good luck in your search for one.
  3. Trying to convince wife that she wants to visit relatives in pitt for thanksgiving... Just let me know man. Like I said, I would rather see it go to an HCer but I gotta do what I gotta do.
  4. This is going to Guitar Center in a few hours to be sold. Please dont make me do that. I'd rather see it go to someone here. I know there have to be a few of you local enough to pick this up, it's an insane deal.
  5. and OBTW I really like the Mark III in this thread. If you can pick it up locally I will sell it before tomorrow night for 700.
  6. IIRC the older ones were indeed around 300. I have one for sale as well...with the old headstock and I am asking about the same so I think this is a fair price.
  7. I have: Mesa Mark III head purple stripe. Simulclass, reverb, GEQ. 2 EL34s and 2 6L6s. Good shape, sounds amazing. Looking for a less expensive guitar plus cash. Maybe a semi hollow? An Epi LP? If you've got any interest shoot me an email, I really need to do a deal quick. chihli.dog@gmail.com Also have a Xaviere XV-500 for sale, gig bag included. 200/b.o. EDIT: Sorry, should have edited this morning. The Mesa will be off the market tonight one way or another. I'd love to see it find a good home with an HC'er. 650 dollars but it has to sell in the next few hours and I must have the cash in hand tonight. 11/25 Long shot, I know.
  8. Lower volume knob came off, I still have it just havent glued it back on. Will only deal in person on this one. Comes with a gig bag. $200/b.o.
  9. So what happens if no one comes to pick it up? Then it will be pointless for me to sell it and it goes off the market and I get screwed on the situation I need the money for.
  10. I dont understand the lack of MarkIII love around here lately. I cant believe this amp is still for sale......nobody is touching either of ours. Wtf?
  11. you got PM... edit- where you at? Sorry, just cleaned out my box. Im in Pittsburgh, PA.
  12. Circumstances have changed a bit, need to do this deal locally. Need the cash today. I'm definitely willing to deal today but cant wait for paypal to transfer to my bank.
  13. Bump for edits to sale posting. I need the money like NOW, cant wait for the paypal to transfer to the bank account so this is now a LOCAL sale only, and the price only for today is 700.
  14. Bump for the night crowd. I'd be interested in almost any guitar, say Epiphone, Agile, Schecter, etc but who knows. Shoot me what you've got if you have any interest in this head.
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