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  1. I understand that 120w is wayyyyy more than I would ever need. I play on a 40w for live shows now and even that gets louder than I need. I figured the 60w cut would be low enough for me to use it in the same application as my current amp. The deal was $1100 for the Egnater Head and a Blackstar Series One 412 (Class A with 4 V30's). The cabinet itself goes for 1100 with the head selling for anywhere between $1100 - $1200. Both items are nearly brand new with very little use. He estimates about 10 hours of playing on them.
  2. Just curious if anyone has any light to shed on these 120w heads. I found a local deal that is a steal and am hungry for information. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I enjoy experimenting with these types of things. I was messing around yesterday and actually had an awesome tone with bass maxed, mid at 12 o'clock and cutting treble out completely. I wasn't playing very loud so it will probably change drastically when I do. The bass control on the amp has a lot of effect up until the halfway mark... after that it is very minimal. After playing with that for a while I put some treble back into the mix and it was very thin sounding, I don't know if my ears had just adjusted or what. It was interesting.
  4. Currently playing on a Gibson SGJ and just doing the cover thing for money ranging from classic rock, folk, pop, blues, and some heavier rock. I would like some tighter bass response but at the same time opening the back for some increased high end would be nice too. It's mostly when I am playing clean on my neck pickup the bass does seem to be a little boomy and I also have to crank up the tone knob to get decent high end.
  5. It is a Blackstar Ht-40 so I guess it is considered a semi-closed back. I have been doing a lot of reading about playing without the back cover for smaller to medium venues. I think I will try that out considering those are the venues that I mostly play. I don't necessarily want the bass to get any boomier or oversaturated so maybe this won't be the best option. I guess a little trial and error is necessary.
  6. Hey everyone, Just curious... I have a few stripped out screw holes on the back cover for my amp and I was curious if this would in any way make the amp a little more loose in the low to low mid range? The stripped out holes are all along the bottom edge of the cover as well. Would repairing these and having a more secure backing tighten up the lows? Thanks in advance.
  7. I understand the band setting reasoning. Problem is I play in a 5 piece with two guitarists. I play mostly rhythm but will play some leads as well. I prefer to use the neck or both pickups for most of my parts unless I am doing some lead. Problem is the other guitarist is on his bridge 90% of the time with an already harsh high end amp setup (fender deville with a high treble mix) so there is almost no way for me to cut through unless I crank up the mids to an uncomfortable level or use my bridge pickup with a high high end as well... but to me... I can't stand that harsh - eye/ear shuttering sound. I like a more balanced sound. So I am trying to find out the best way to approach this. I feel if I keep my tone a little more smooth it will balance out our band a lot more but I will need to find a way to cut through the mix without overloading the low - low mids.
  8. Most guitarists ONLY use their bridge pick up? I just don't understand.
  9. Is this a crock of s#@% or what? I have used this a couple times and it started out with "Boost with $5 to get 2k - 3k views"... after using it about 3-4 times it now says "Boost with $20 for 300 - 2k views". Has anyone else noticed this crap? Thought it was a worthwhile investment at the start... but I forget... not much is actually worthwhile long term.
  10. Here is what I would do... focus on the problem from its source... which is probably the cheap practice amp. I am guessing that it is producing a large amount of teeth clenching mids. When practiceing... pay attention to what parts and/or notes are creating those trouble frequencies. When you get an idea of where the problem is you can alter the amps eq settings, buy an external eq, or use a better quality amp. If you throw a bunch of bass traps in the corners or sound panels up without knowing the how, when, whys then you might be potentially creating another problem without fixing the current one. Soon you will find yourself lacking low end or having everything sound too thin and flat. Remember that alterations to the room will affect everything, and not just the bass. Other options: If you narrow down the problem and it is specific to mid - slightly high frequencies... I would recommend getting some Roxul 60 Rockboard (3" thickness) and hanging a couple of those around. For lower frequencies I would go with the Roxul 80. The material is cheap and if you put a simple 2x4 frame around it and cover it with some black breathable cloth it looks pretty neat.
  11. I guess it would be more of a monthly rotation gig with some out of town promotions/gigs as well. Here is the thing I am concerned about, and some of you may have experience playing in a smaller town (12 - 15k population). If you play locally 2-3 times a month it is very easy to get burnt out in such a small area, I have seen it happen with other great bands in this area. They overplay to the limited crowd here and despite being great at what they do they slowly die out. We need to get out of town gigs and this may be a great way to start that.
  12. Sounds great... but without coming off the wrong way... you need to get a female in that band.
  13. 1) That is a good question to have them clarify. The city we play in is pretty cut and dry... being that there is not really much goin on around it. There are a few places that are about 20 miles away that I would like to play freely. Thanks for bringing that up. 2) This is not my full time job, just a hobby... we aim to play 2-3 times a month. So hopefully this deal will be 1 in town gig and 1-2 out of town gigs a month. What we charge for each gig is dependent on the bar. If it is a small time mom and pop... we will do 500-700. For our neighborhood bar down the street we will do 300-500. For the subject bar they will pay well over that and we may get double what we get for a normal gig. Money is not my primary concern but hey... playing 1 show for the price of 2... I think I would go for that. 3) Out of town gigs will definitely boost us to the next level.... and most likely that would be casinos... and I have heard good things about playing at a casino. 4) The place is the most established bar in the area. It has the most diverse crowd which suits our setlist. In our town people tend to bounce around to 3 or 4 different bar/venues and stick with whatever has the best to offer. Our first time playing at this place we met capacity twice and broke the record of any band that has played there before. Most people prefer to listen to music in this place in general. They actually have a decent stage and the sound of the room is superb compared to other places. 5) See answer 4. This place is attached to a holiday inn and is consistently busy each weekend. I don't see it going anywhere. Just by answering these questions I can see that I think it is a good deal and it makes sense. Some band members do not want to have somebody else manage us... and I think that is what the bars role will most likely be. I need any information and evidence to help persuade them that this is something we should at least try for a bit. We have until December to decide so at least we won't be rushed.
  14. We got an offer from the biggest/busiest bar in the area we play to be their house band. They are a little more corporate than most places we play... you know filling out a 1099, insurance that covers our gear while we are there, and they are affiliated with holiday inn (hotel is attached) and have multiple sister bars throughout our region. This sounds like a good deal. They will pay us anywhere from 1-2k depending on how much we bring in and they will promote us for out of town gigs using their beer/liquor endersoments (like having jager girls or what have you promote a show or something). I don't know anything for certain, but these are some of the things that have been discussed. The deal seems nice and makes it easy for us. The only thing... they don't want us to play ANYWHERE else in town and I totally understand that but we have to decide to cut ties with some other owners/managers in the area. Anyone have any light to shed on this type of situation?
  15. Hey guys, just curious about this... and bored at work on a friday but say you have a gig at 9pm, When does your band show up? When do you sound check? When does each member show up? Or really any other info. I will give a breakdown for my band. We are only a standard 5 piece, 2 guitars, bass, drums, and lead vocalist. I am currently running our sound so I usually get started a little earlier (around 5pm) getting things packed up and road ready. I like to show up at about 630 - 7pm to start setting up. Usually takes about 30-45 minutes for everything. My vocalist, drummer, and other guitarist usually show up at the same time. Drummer will be earlier from time to time. By 730pm I do a quick check of the PA, all the mics, adjust the EQ based off of the room and make adjustments according to who is using each mic and what not. Our bassist will usually show up around 745 - 8pm... he is kind of unpredictable which is annoying... but manageable. Around 8pm we usually do a quick sound check. What sucks is that I usually sit out and make sure the other 4 are mixed alright then just try and match them (I REALLY hate trying to run sound in a band I am playing in, especially being new to running sound as well) From 8 - 9pm we usually all just chill and drink a beer or so bored out of our minds until its time to play. That is really it for us. Pretty simple, usually don't mic up each instrument but probably will start doing that at a couple shows so that will increase set up time. Whats nice is depending on where we are playing we will close the bar and walk out with the owner to pick everything up the next morning. Night ends with a poor decision at wafflehouse, denny's, shoney's... etc...
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