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  1. I was just really amazed to see the list. You should check out the page and tell me that it doesn't look odd how long the list of does not apply is.. It reminds me of the drug commercials that have more disclaimers than they do the ad.. It may kill you but hey, depression solved! Here is our promotion, it works for nothing!
  2. I'm guessing this is just the way the music industry works, but I was stoked to see guitar center's Memorial Day sale coupons. But then the fine print says does not apply to just about EVERY BRAND THEY CARRY.. So is there no way to get deals on new gear these days? All the retailers seem to carry the same stuff at the exact same prices..
  3. I'm in Portland OR.. I'm really looking to keep it light, how much does two of those weigh?
  4. Hi, I'm currently looking for a light weight Class-D audio amp to go with my x-32 rack mixer to drive monitor mixes to floor wedges for my band. I'm currently considering the Behringer EuroPower EPQ304 (only 40W RMS per channel into 8 ohms) and the Behringer iNuke Nu4-6000 (240W? RMS into 8 ohms). I have a Phonic Power Pod 820 (200W) that we've been using for gigs and it is spec'd at 65W per channel. I measured it last night and it was putting out about 50W into 8 ohms with a 1Khz sine wave right before distortion started. (I tested this with a power resistor and an actual speaker using an oscilloscope) I really hate lugging around heavy equipment so I was really hoping to stay in 1u and under 9 lbs.. The Nu4-6000 is 2u and has more than enough power, but might blow my monitors if I'm not careful.. The EPQ304 is a step down from what I currently have in terms of output power into 4 channels, unless I bridge it into 2 channels, but then what's the point, I wanted 4 channels. Here you can see the Phonic pumping out 61v pk-pk or ~20v RMS.. 20^2 / 8 ohms = 50W RMS before distortion. They spec 65, I measured 50.. If Behringer spec's 40, will I measure 35? I really want the EPQ604. But they don't make that.. I don't really want to spend more than 400 bucks on this since I'm not a pro, this is a part time hobby..
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