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  1. Hey Jon,I've recently moved to using a thumb pick on acoustic guitar as my 'go to' choice. I definitely agree with your comment that they give increased "speed, authority, and volume".You can see my experimentation process with choosing a thumb pick here: http://www.theguitarjournal.com/thumb-picks-fingerpicking/ Jesse
  2. @DeepEnd ​I'm a big fan of the Dunlop .60mm and have used them for years also. Usually I'll hold them normally for strumming, but then turn the pick and use one of the rounded corners for flatpicking. The rounded corners give me both a harder playing edge and force me to bring my hand in to play closer (which helps me with better control). Having said that, I did a similar thing recently and got a variety pack of harder picks for lead playing. So far, I like the Dunlop .88mm. Jesse
  3. Thanks, all. This is what I ended up with: http://www.theguitarjournal.com/the-9-best-guitar-tuner-apps/
  4. I checked out Pano and Roadie, both look nice with good reviews. Is x2 an Android app? Didn't see it in the iOS app store. OK, on a different note (ba dum tss), what are some favorite real, physical tuners? (Regarding recording: I'm afraid I'm no good on Android, but for iOS I've used Multi Track Song Recorder, Garageband, and the built-in voice recorder. The problem is always the microphone. Do you buy an external mic? Use an adaptor for a DI?)
  5. Ha!, no worries. I think most things on my phone fall into the category of "convenient, but not dependable". So, yeah, I wouldn't count on apps for gigs or anything, but they're handy when I'm at a friends house or something.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. @jamesp, yeah I guess you're right, but at some point you need a reference pitch to start from, right? (unless you have perfect pitch) I actually prefer tuning off a piano, but those aren't guaranteed to be in tune either...
  7. I'm trying to figure out the best guitar tuner app, particularly for acoustic. I use an iPhone. Seems like most people online keep coming back to the same 5 or 6 apps: Guitar Toolkit iStrobosoft Cleartune Pitchbot TuneOrama Gibson Learn and Master Should I be considering any others? Seems like the Guitar Toolkit and the Gibson app are nice because you get multiple tools in one app (metronome, chord charts, etc.) Jesse _____________________ Alright, after looking around a bit, here's my two cents: http://www.theguitarjournal.com/the-9-best-guitar-tuner-apps/
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