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  1. Hey Jon,I've recently moved to using a thumb pick on acoustic guitar as my 'go to' choice. I definitely agree with your comment that they give increased "speed, authority, and volume".You can see my experimentation process with choosing a thumb pick here: http://www.theguitarjournal.com/thumb-picks-fingerpicking/ Jesse
  2. I'm trying to figure out the best guitar tuner app, particularly for acoustic. I use an iPhone. Seems like most people online keep coming back to the same 5 or 6 apps: Guitar Toolkit iStrobosoft Cleartune Pitchbot TuneOrama Gibson Learn and Master Should I be considering any others? Seems like the Guitar Toolkit and the Gibson app are nice because you get multiple tools in one app (metronome, chord charts, etc.) Jesse _____________________ Alright, after looking around a bit, here's my two cents: http://www.theguitarjournal.com/the-9-best-guitar-tuner-apps/
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