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  1. Feel free to make trade offers or reasonable Paypal offers.
  2. (1) LIKE NEW Digitech iPB-10 multi-effects pedal board IN BOX. Only used in smoke-free home, never any problems. Will ship in original box with original packaging. (1) Gator G-Club DJ Controller Bag that fits the iPB-10 perfectly. New with tags / never used. Retails for $90. I'm not a gigging musician and decided I wanted something much smaller to tote around to friends' houses and such. Asking $395 shipped for BOTH or make offer. Accept paypal. USA only please.
  3. Craig and DTR have certainly been a huge asset here. Hope the support continues.
  4. Originally Posted by MediaMan09 For the reasons outlined above, I think my patience has run out with HC. For forum disucssions, - I set up three threads at The Gear Page. - They are : iPB-10 User Forums : General discussion | Shared Patches | Ready Reference - Hope to see you there. ( you too DigiTechRep!!) No change re committment to the iPB-10 Ready Reference web site. Mediaman Took f.o.r.e.v.e.r to post this... but just wanted to say I'm right behind you. Mannydingo - no worries about your frustration. I'm just trying to help if I can and I don't take it to be aimed at me. It could be some thread settings that HC has here that is set differently than other forums. Not sure.
  5. Originally Posted by mannydingo You see, if that were the case why did I just get a notification that you just posted the above post yet I had not opened any new notifications? All the other posts in that last couple of days I have received no notifications on and only get to see them by logging in to see what's been posted recently on the forums. This happens with no other site's forums using the same forum app. You have to VISIT the specific thread to get any more notifications for that specific thread. The notification system assumes that after it sends you ONE notification - then you know there are unread posts. So it stops sending notifications for that thread. You have to physically log into the forum to read the latest posts in that thread (which as you said, could be many more than the one for which you were notified). Then you log out and go on your way. You'll get notified again, when a new post is made. But only once. Then you have to log in to view the forums again.
  6. Ditto to everything MediaMan09 has said (and asked).
  7. Originally Posted by MediaMan09 Now would be a good time to review the product suggestions made to date ( see Suggestions link), and add any missing ones that are meaningful to you. Reason – working on an idea now with paka, on how to capture the importance users place on specific suggested improvements/features (and increase awareness/education at the same time). Stay tuned for a User Survey post in the near future. In the interim, get your 'suggestions' added to the list if not already there Innovating once again!! Your Ready-Reference Site is an awesome benefit to our community here and I have no doubt that Digitech will be reviewing that consolidated "suggested features/improvements" list. Why wouldn't they? Cool stuff. EVERYONE - if you've posted and/or downloaded a lot of patches or received good information from MediaMan09's site - I encourage you to click the "support" link on his site and send a small paypal donation if you haven't. It's such a great resource - let's all give our thanks. Thanks again MediaMan!
  8. Great story MrS! Love it. Originally Posted by MrS He then ordered an HD500 and an iPB-10 to compare with his own gear. We sat down together to compare the sound of the HD500 and the iPB-10 directly. Here's what we did: we deleted all effect pedals and only compared the amp and cabinets directly going through the same amp speaker. What we found was that the iPB-10 was superior with almost all amp models. In contrast to the HD500 the iPB puts warmth to the sound similar to a real tube amp. On the other hand the HD500 always sounds more like a transistor amp introducing distortions for higher frequencies (even after an update). For some amp models you can't even recognize the real amp based on the HD500 sound. That never happened with the iPB. I also demo'd the HD500 and the GT100 before landing on the iPB-10. I found the HD500 a bit harsh and artificial sounding. I just couldn't get a great warm, tube-like tone or feel out of it. Of course - I didn't spend more than a couple hours with it, so I'm sure others can do better. But additionally, the interface was just painful and non-intuitive to me and I didn't want to have to rely on the computer to create and modify patches. I thought the GT100 put out some nice tones and it was easier for me to dial-in with it's interface. But I was reading a lot of people not being happy with their dated COSM modeling, so I was reluctant to buy it. So even though GC didn't have an iPB-10 hooked up to demo, I bought it and brought it home. Out of the box I got some great tones and of course the tweaking is SO easy and intuitive with the iPad interface. I haven't looked back.
  9. Gibson20: Go to the Ready Reference site (http://ipb.mediamanhost.com/index.html) and look on the left-hand side under Frequently Used for "Tone Requests". Click the link, and then click FORM on the following page. Enter your requests. Both of those are great songs, so good requests!
  10. Originally Posted by ALuomala Note: Is anyone else having difficulties with this forum/site??? I can't do a direct quote (have to do it manually in "Quick Reply" and it takes forevvvvvver to load pages in this forum sometimes). I am using both FF and Chrome, and neither one seems to be any faster/better for this forum. Yes! The Harmony Central forum is notorious for delays and time-outs. I imagine it's hard for the servers to keep up with the significant amount of traffic here. Or something... Originally Posted by MediaMan09 Shared Preset Update PatchID 148 - Artist(a): POLICE / Song(s): Message in a Bottle (shared by: ALuomala) PatchID 149 - Artist(a): RANDY RHOADS / Song(s): Believer, I Don't Know (shared by: CanJam) PatchID 150 - Artist(a): SCORPIONS / Song(s): Rock You Like a Hurricane (shared by: CanJam) PatchID 151 - Artist(a): AC DC / Song(s): Highway to Hell (shared by: drewbrothers) PatchID 152 - Artist(a): RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE / Song(s): Killing In The Name Of (shared by: drewbrothers) Nice - thanks! I'll be checking out Scorpions and AC/DC this weekend. May have to learn Killing In The Name Of now! I love this little community here. Great job folks.
  11. Originally Posted by MediaMan09 Shared Preset Update PatchID: 142 / Name(n): Limelight - Rush / Artist(a): Rush / Song(s): Limelight (shared by: ALuomala) PatchID: 143 / Name(n): The Smiths - How Soon Is Now / Artist(a): The Smiths / Song(s): How Soon Is Now (shared by: drewbrothers) PatchID: 144 / Name(n): TheCars - Just What I Needed / Artist(a): The Cars / Song(s): Just What INeeded (shared by: drewbrothers) Nice - will be fun to check these out. THANKS to all the contributors. I've found some nice patches from you guys that are working great.
  12. Well done MediaMan!! Bravo! Looks and works great. On another note - re: a gig bag. I was about to buy the Gator GP-2214 I've seen recommended, but just saw this Amazon.com review of it that makes me nervous: defective product -- waste of money September 4, 2012 By Dr. Mark W. Perlin Amazon Verified Purchase I put a new $500 guitar effects pedal board (Digitech iPB-10) into this bag. Within two days of use, carrying it out from my car, the cheap plastic clip inside the shoulder strap fabric had cracked (not visible in any way beforehand), and the bag slipped suddenly toward the concrete pavement. I managed to grab the strap with my inside arm before it all hit the ground. Since the purpose of the bag is to PROTECT expensive musical equipment, and not DESTROY it, I cannot recommend this product. Is that anyone here? Have any of you had problems with it? What about the other Gator bag recommended?
  13. Originally Posted by DigiTechRep Thanks for that, and we are not giving up on anything! The suggestions for more frequent smaller updates and a ton of other stuff has been pulled from this thread. The engineers have been reading this thread religiously since the update. That's great to hear. I tend to be brand loyal once I find something I really like. And I've always been interested in the integration of the iPad with guitar related stuff (lessons, effects, etc). So I was really hoping to like the iPB-10 from the moment I read about it, and after trying the Boss GT-10 (or whatever the number was) and the POD HD500, I went home with a Digitech even though I wasn't able to test in the store. And was very pleasantly surprised at how good it sounded out of the box and how easy and intuitive it is to tweak and play with. So my plan is to stick with it and I'm sure my early-adopting self will buy the next gen version of it when it comes out. Though, AS-IS, I think this provides lasting value for many years. After all - a stomp box doesn't change. You get what you get. At least with this baby, we get updates and NEW FEATURES along the way, with no additional investment. Anyway - great to hear you guys are watching these discussions. I'm sure the community will grow given enough time and exposure.
  14. Originally Posted by Softman17 Fireproof : you are running in only one alto ts112a ? Thru 1 xlr or two ? ( i'm french it's difficult to translate) I'm interrested by this solution, i like the amp sim and i want to know if a powered monitor can replace a real amp. May be i'm saying some real crap ... Sorry I'm currently running only into one TS112A. I wanted to just try an FRFR (full range, flat response) set up before sinking more money into it. I am initially impressed. Will continue to play with it for the coming weeks and if all goes well, I might buy a second one for a stereo set up. I've been trying to come up with a good reason to get a basic PA set up at home anyway, so this might push me in that direction, LOL.
  15. Originally Posted by Softman17 Fireproof : you are running in only one alto ts112a ? Thru 1 xlr or two ? ( i'm french it's difficult to translate) I'm interrested by this solution, i like the amp sim and i want to know if a powered monitor can replace a real amp. May be i'm saying some real crap ... Sorry I'm currently running only into one TS112A. I wanted to just try an FRFR (full range, flat response) set up before syncing more money into it. I am initially impressed. Will continue to play with it for the coming weeks and if all goes well, I might buy a second one for a stereo set up. I've been trying to come up with a good reason to get a basic PA set up at home anyway, so this might push me in that direction, LOL.
  16. That's awesome!! I've read about the EHX Magnum 44 and thought about going that route. I like trying different things, so I might have to consider that in the future. Sounds great.
  17. RIG SETUPS!! Would love to hear what you guys are using to play your iPB-10 through. I've landed on an FRFR approach using an Alto TS112A powered monitor and love it. Below are some other setups I tried and my very subjective feedback: iPB-10 > Marshall Class 5 Input. Was okay, but wasn't great. Tones didn't sound well 'defined'. iPB-10 > Marshall DSL401 Input. Not bad - simple and very loud. Some patches sounded great. Others a little muddy or bassy. iPB-10 > Marshall DSL401 Effects Loop (4CM). Not bad, but not great. Difficult to balance the amp and iPB volume levels for trying to toggle between amp and Digitech. iPB-10 > Egnater Tweaker 15 Input. Of my amp setups, I preferred this one the best. Most patches sounded great straight in. Tones were still clear, even though they were colored a bit with the Tweaker's preamp and two 1x12s, but I liked all of them. iPB-10 > Egnater Tweaker 15 Effects Loop (4CM). Volume was greatly reduced with this method versus straight in. Maybe it's a parallel vs. series effects loop issue?? I'm no expert. But I didn't care for it. Lowered overall volume and sounded a bit like a blanket was over it at times. iPB-10 > Tech 21 Power Engine 60. Yuck. First of all, based on all the positive reviews on the internet, I thought this was going to be the ticket. Supposed to be fairly transparent, but with a guitar amp form factor. But I tried two different ones and both hummed VERY loudly when turned on with NOTHING plugged into it and the volume level set to 50% (noon). I tried 5 different locations in the house and same problem everywhere. And none of my other SS or Tube amps hum like that. Maybe it's okay in a loud bar, but it was very annoying in my quiet home and I couldn't deal with it. I wasn't impressed with the sounds of the iPB-10 through it either. Sounded okay, but nothing special. iPB-10 > Alto TS112A Powered Monitor. Love it!! Simple setup - plug in the XLR and rock. Tones were very articulate and all patches sounded great. Also, jamming along to iTunes through the iPad sounded great too due to the full range speakers. I'm happy with this setup. And if I sit in with a band, I can use this as my monitor while going direct to the mixer/PA. I did a fair bit of research on monitors before landing on this one. Many people prefer QSCs, but for almost 3X the price, I didn't hear that much of a difference. And since this is a hobby for me, not a source of income, I think this Alto will serve me well for a while.
  18. Originally Posted by MediaMan09 A whack of presets are now available courtesy of drewbrothers ; CanJam ; R2112 ;nippyjun to name a few! Cool! Gotta check that out today after work!! Originally Posted by MediaMan09 Fireproof kicked off the inital set of requests. and has noted that "if anyone sees something on this list that they like and might find useful as well, I'd love them to create and share a patch!I don't expect all of them, and some of those 80's sounds are similar, but just throwing out some songs on my list in case anyone is interested in dialing some in... Tone request accessible off the Shared Preset/Patches page The caffine is wearing off now, so I'm signing off for the night (morning). Wow - that was fast. You rock - and it looks great. Thanks for adding those and I look forward to seeing what others are interested in. I'm okay tweaking something close, but building a patch from scratch I tend to get lost. But I'm learning. Originally Posted by drewbrothers I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but when I try to go in and edit a presets genre I get kicked out of nexus. Has anyone experienced this? Yep - it's been mentioned and acknowledged by the DT Rep. I suspect it's a bug that will be fixed in the next update.
  19. Originally Posted by MediaMan09 I have now finished implementing the concept of PatchID. its a unique 3 digit number, auto assigned, for each uploaded patch. I needed it at my end, but I figure once we get into some heavy volumes here, it might nice to have the option to refer to a patch by its number .. eg patch 458 sucks but 573 rocks! Essentially each line item in the list gets its own number. Pretty simple. So, for example if I wanted to share Eric Claptons Layla, and it got assigned Patch ID 200, then:that's what would show on all the lists if I later correct it, make minor tweaks etc, the date gets updated, but the PatchID would still be 200 ( as it still same name, same song, same artist, same user) If I later upload a different version, eg Layla Unplugged, that new version gets a new line item, so it gets a new number (say 250), and both versions would be available for sharing Hope all that makes sense. That's awesome. Makes perfect since!
  20. Originally Posted by DigiTechRep This one is my fault. I told engineering that it was more important to get the release out, then we would deal with documentation later. Additionally, there were a couple of things that were in the release that got taken out because they were too unstable, these were in the updated Help file that I had them pull. Thanks for the honest reply. I think us anxious early adopters would tend to agree with your decision and get the update in our hands quicker. Who needs a manual? LOL. At least we know it was planned and not an oversight. Keep those updates coming. Lot of goodness to be had.
  21. Originally Posted by Anderton Even a company as big as Yamaha "outsources" their user group (to the excellent Motifator.com). Anyway... There haven't been any comments to my post #1563 about creating sub-folders for different topics of discussion and moving posts to them, but no one said "THAT REALLY SUCKS," which I assume indicates approval Tuesdays are always crazy because the deadline for Harmony Central's newsletter [you do subscribe, don't you?] is first thing Wednesday morning, but I'll confer with IT on Wednesday about standing by in case I blow up vBulletin by accident. Given the way things have been going lately, I'd prefer to err on the side of caution If anyone has any comments/suggestions about breaking this thread down into dedicated topics, now would be a good time to voice them. Thanks for looking into the subforums. I think they'll be very useful. I've hesitated posting questions or starting new topics because it seems to be "off-topic" compared the recent discussions. But with new sub-forums, I'd be ready to dive in. Here's what was previously suggested: Pro and User reviews (incl user experiences, comments, critiques) General Q and A Shared User Patches (song specific posts with screenshots/audio links) Suggestion Box (wish list re future possibilities) Accessories ( gig bags, cables, etc) Reference Material And in case the powers-that-be determine that's too many for whatever reason, here's a simplified version that I think would still clean up and organize the place. Pro and User Reviews General iPB-10 Discussion Presets (Patches) Discussion and Requests Feature Requests Basically - I think Q&A and accessories can go into "general discussion." And MediaMan's site can serve as the main source for reference material (plus Stickies could be utilized in one of the other sub-forums). My $0.02.
  22. Originally Posted by DigiTechRep Preset by preset. But don't forget that there is also the additional hardware speaker sim switch on the back. Thank you! And I DID forget about that switch! Thanks for the reminder. I'll play with that. Still trying to land on a preferred configuration (4CM, in front of amp, etc) and want to play with the different sim settings as well.
  23. Dumb question: Can you universally turn off (or on) cabinet sims for all presets? Or is that possible only preset by preset? Thanks,.
  24. Originally Posted by MediaMan09 Now that we have the ability to email shared presets, I have an idea ... Why dont I offer to build up a shared library That is, simply email your .ipb10p preset files to presets@mediamanhost.com (with the artist/song or whatever info you want to included), and as I receive them, I will build up a awesome library .. that way everyonr can access them off the ready reference site. Whad'ya think? I was just going to come suggest that each patch on your site have a corresponding Download Link to download the preset. That would be awesome!! Also - it would be cool to rate them 1-5 stars. That way if multiple people upload duplicates, we can see which the community thinks is better. Just a nice-to-have.
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