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  1. 24 Par 64 chrome cans mounted on bars in groups of 6 w/ 2 c-clamps for easy mounting each has 1000w (working) mfl lamps New the cans cost over $40ea and the bulbs are $25+ ea Im asking $500 for all 24 (thats way less than 1/2 off) some cans have some small dents and some are brand new, all can work 100% and yokes are in working condition $500 Local pick up would be ideal but shipping would be considered (buyer pays)
  2. 1 GL2400-32 Console for sale ($2400 new) Includes ATA Case ($500+ value) Console has one small issue - Group 4 has a small buzz, i assume it is an easy fix. (certainly cost less to fix than the $200 discount being offered) Otherwise this console is in great shape. all channels, auxes and outputs have been checked and work 100% Without the Group 4 issues we would sell it for $1650 $1450 + shipping (about $55-$75)
  3. if it's a DW, look on the inside of the drum, the fundamental note is stamped on the sidewall, tune it to that or at least somthing in the triad and you'll be in good shape,
  4. Cant say much for those jbl tops compared to the E210, i've heard them both but have never heard the E210 with a band, but ive heard the MP118 and the LS808 and from a performance level the LS808 is by far a better tuned box and a louder box and imo has a better driver. hands down. not even close. but thats only one mans opinion. I sold a club a Mpro system (cause they insisted on it) and one of our engineers went in and mixed a band on it and the band was really dissopinted (cause there used to renting our yorkie rig) the next time in he brought some ef500p over an ls800p per side but used their console and outboard. the difference (i our techs experience) was night and day. he said those JBL's have one advantage - the logo on the front!! IMO the JBL Mpro is not a good comparison, you would need to get into the SRX series to make apple to apple comparison - then price becomes a factor! see my point!
  5. usually on "desks" Mon out is "monitor out" - meaning studio nearfeilds for monitors in the sense of foldback (weges or IEM) you would use an Aux-send unless your desk has named one of its aux sends "mon" which is very rare.
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