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  1. I have a peavey 6505+ head with an 8ohm 2x12 cab from avatar in my bedroom, but I cant go past .2 on the volume without pissing the neighbors off. Any advice on a good power attenuator? Personally I'd advise getting a good modeller and headphones or small practice amp. You could attenuate the 6505+ like crazy but that would be like riding a bull after chopping its legs and balls off.
  2. I think Chuck is going to explode this round Correct.
  3. After close to a decade of not wanting to give Metallica any money, a douchebag Objectivist has finally convinced me to give the new album a try... just to offset that glory hole {censored}snack of a review.
  4. Any guy that doesn't get redwood from watching two hot lesbian women going at it, is gay. And with that, homophobia is destroyed in a puff of logic.
  5. God, that sounds like mungled ass clumps. Did they have a meeting and decide that the only way to safely release their music on THE EVIL PIRATE LAND OF THE INTERNET was to make it sound like it was played through an 80's K-Mart boombox with a pencil sticking in the speaker? I'm never giving them my money again because they are douche bags.
  6. If yes, what do you eat as source of protein? I only know of eggs, beans, nuts. I am wondering if I get enough protein, I have been a vegetarina for more than 10 years now, I don't even remember the reason why I am one If you are just a vegetarian, protein is not a problem. Here is a list of things I eat that have a {censored} ton of protein. Eggs, cheese, soy milk, whey protein (bars / drinks), tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, and peanut butter.
  7. running???? do you know anything about actual fighting and MMA???? Kalib STarnes was running, Lyoto has an elusive stlye and counter strikes...thats not running, he is a {censored}ing technician. Lyoto is {censored}ing amazing to watch...if u wanna see two brutes slug it out and kill eachother go watch a toughman competition where there is no skill and both guys take shots to the mug. Machida is the thinking man's Tim Sylvia. Starnes is Machida minus the Brazilian karate mystique and the ability to occasionally hit his opponent.
  8. Rage Against The Korn Bizkit
  9. Since you are getting your PhD in microbiology with a virology speciality the only way to choose an amp is to be scientific about it. Go to http://www.google.com and enter "sick" "guitar" and "amp" as the search terms, click on I'm Feeling Lucky. The sick part is for your virology speciality, the guitar amp is for plugging the guitar into. If the wife gives you any smack, unleash a brutal wall of crushing noise to silence her.
  10. Don't forget the Aussie pop is about 20 million, that's what maybe twice or so La County's population. And lots less than the population of Calif alone. US Overall : Three Hundred Million..?... hmmmm... The population of the US is 15 times greater than Australia. This means if it were proportional Australia should have about 9,000 to 10,000 troops in Iraq.
  11. No more obvious to me than the belief that even a single cell organism came to life in a pool of molecules.' Scientist have been trying to create the simplist lifeforms in the lab, and even with their knowledge of all of the ingredients and froces that go into life they have failed to create anythin above the level of a microbe. Men with their great scientific knowledge and tools cannot cannot produce life, yet I am to believe tha this happened by random chance in a universe with no guidance or onderlying first cause. Right:rolleyes: :rolleyes: read on to my next post Men with their great scientific knowledge and tools haven't been able to produce full sized volcanos or tidal waves either. That must mean that some great lava monster is spitting magma up when he is angry and the ocean god Shamoo is waving his tail making waves.
  12. Is 'who I am' only a physical object? or, do 'we' transcend the physical and actually operate the physical body from another 'dimension'? We 'formulate' what we 'tell' our bodies to do (will or volition) in a non-physical realm. We only physically 'quantify' the non-physical act when we *TELL* our bodies to move and act. Therefore the 'weightier' things we experience in this world as human beings are formulated in this non-physical realm (I call it spiritual realm). Or, do you suppose that if you killed me the very moment I was 'thinking' about the number "2" that you would cut open my skull and pull out a physical '2'? ...you are ignoring a major world that *EXISTS* and cannot be quantified or explained by science:thu: The number two would be represented by the particular way your brain was firing, electrical impulses and flesh nothing else. Sorry to burst your bubble, you aren't magic. When you die, you are gone.
  13. hahaha, nope. It suggests that science cannot explain all it claims it can, or better, that people TRUST that it can. Science tells me you are one of 6.5 billion hairless primates living on a small planet near one of the 100 billion stars in our local galaxy. Science also tells me that in a very short time (geologically speaking) your biological functions will stop working and all of the stored memories in your mind will be gone. At that point, the only record of you will be a short stint in the memories of other primates who are also bound to suffer the same fate.
  14. well...then it is a WONDERFUL THING that I am enjoying life to it's fullest then isnt it!!!? .....you are a nihilist. sorry that you live in such an ugly and meaningless world:( .....I *LOVE* life:love: and the HOPE to come...you have a nice day now:thu: Luckily for you, you can enjoy wallowing in your pit of ignorance until you die. At that point you will not have any thoughts, feelings or emotions. There will be nothing left of you except a rotting, decaying corpse. Your thoughts are signals going through your brain, nothing more. Your memories are stored in that fleshy thing housed in your skull. Are you so stupid that you think all of the things you think of as yourself are getting carbon copied off to Jesus in some magical afterlife? You can be willfully ignorant about your own reality up to the point when you cease to exist.
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