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  1. I think it's a way to say "Sherm" without being picked up as easily by cops. I know when I was up to no good there were A LOT of code words you just incorporated into your vocabulary to communicate. "SHERM-A cigarette or joint of some sort dipped in Phencyclidine more commonly known as PCP, which is then smoked. The name "sherm" was originally coined from, people dipping Nat Sherman cigarettes into liquid PCP. PCP comes as either a white powder or liquid form, the latter given the street name "embalming fluid." There is much confusion over the practice of dipping cigarettes in "embalming fluid" leading some to think that real embalming fluid may actually be used. Smoking actual formaldehyde will cause intoxication, and may cause serious health consequences beyond those of consuming PCP."
  2. ss454

    Dearmond 210

    Very clean Dearmond 210 asking $150 shipped in the CONUS [
  3. yeah, the 7's have been around for YEARS, but korn made them mainstream. I agree 100% but some of the bands that followed them didn't use 7s they used baritone guitars. I'd say a baritone is probably the best way to get that massive de-tuned sound.
  4. Korn was the one that popularized them but Monkey from Korn has actually said Vai was where he got the idea to try a 7 string.
  5. ^^^God I hate that stupid {censored}er. Music sucks, he's a prick, a stupid looking prick, oh and his vocals suck. LOG is the opposite of suck...
  6. Carvin CT4T $850 shipped in the CONUS. I picked this up in a trade with a fellow HCAF member and barely took it out of the case. It was like new when I got it and hasn't changed a bit. There isn't so much as a scratch on it...if you ordered one from Carvin it wouldn't come in any better condition. Price includes having it packaged at mailboxes etc and anyone that's done business with me will tell you I don't skimp on the packaging. I hate to see it go but it's just not getting anymore use than my Gibson did. It's coil tapped with a push/pull on the tone knob and the pickups are the Carvin M22SD in the bridge (super hot but not muddy) and the H22N (fat and creamy and very sparkly tapped). It also has Dunlop straplocks on it. Oh and this guitar sounds exceptionally sweet with the PODxt...
  7. Genz Benz GBE600 and NeoX 212 for sale. The cab is in very good condition with only a little bit of carpet scuffed up in one place, it's easily fixable with some scissors really. The head is fairly used. The knobs have some paint missing and there is some rack rash but everything (amp and cab) function as well as they did new. I'm asking $550 for the cab and $600 for the head shipped in the conus or $1100 if you want them both together.
  8. If I was going to euorpe I would buy a couple of Mesa's and take them with me to sell over there. Then with the profit I could probably buy something over there without spending any of the rest of the money.
  9. I would give it a 10 no contest. More features than anything else at any price and I got it for $100 out the door with the power supply.
  10. [Comments] I would buy this again if anything happened to it. You get much better value with DiMarzio than Seymour Duncan so I would not go back.
  11. [Comments] I would buy this again. It is just righ for my needs. I can get as heavy as I want and still have the abuility to play other styles as well.
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